Your requirements when setting a drone / UAV strategy for your organisation are likely to differ from others. After all, you and your business are unique and that's how COPTRZ approaches the important job of implementing a drone strategy.  

Whether it's proof of concept or a full implementation you can be sure COPTRZ will be there at each stage and element of the process. 

Introducing a drone strategy to your organisation can be daunting: there are many considerations and learning curves when it comes to which technology to use, how to implement commercial pilots, and even what insurance will cover your drones. The COPTRZ team have decades of combined business experience, and are passionate about introducing groundbreaking aerial technology to help businesses like yours make the most of what drones have to offer. 

It's our mission to help you make the best decisions when it comes to drone type, software, pilots - everything! We'll consider your unique needs as an organisation and work with you to develop a strategy that will work.

COPTRZ is part of the Martek family of companies - we've not just sprung from nowhere! Established in 2000 and employing 70 people in the UK and Singapore with customers in over 60 countries globally, Martek are ISO9001 registered and have many of the leading shipping lines, oil majors, emergency services, airlines as its customers. Our experience in delivering unique strategies and solutions for global companies has been extended to the COPTRZ mission - so you know your organisation is in safe hands. 

COPTRZ carry out service work for clients on a whole range of industrial applications from offshore installations, wind turbine blade inspections, infrastructure, antenna inspections and many more surveying, mapping and investigation applications. At the same time, should you wish to equip yourself with the hardware and software to do the job yourself, we can help you do this. We'll even arrange the training of your people to be not only legally compliant but proficient with the hardware and software to get the job done. 

The Martek history is important when you understand the birth of COPTRZ: as part of an offshore and marine safety business you can imagine that our safety standards and processes are second to none – you wouldn’t be wrong.

Why Buy From Coptrz?

As an ISO9001 group that ensures installations and vessels remain protected from explosions and are navigated safely, safety and quality are paramount. If it's inspection work you need, we'll not only deliver the pilot and survey equipment but also ensure you have full risk assessments and method statements before every inspection and survey. 

Our extensive technical team include world class engineers who design and build safety and control systems for the world’s most hostile environments. We can also call on a team of commercial drone pilots with military and commercial airline experience and a dedicated after sales and customer service team that’s the envy of the industry. We’re here for the long haul with you.