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Create Survey-grade Point Clouds with the VOLANT™ LiDAR Drone

Drones are regularly changing the way surveyors are able to capture the data they need. Incorporating a laser scanner can take this one step further. UAV LiDAR drone systems are now an incredibly accessible platform and an affordable investment for most surveying businesses.

Aerial LiDAR is an accepted technology for survey grade accurate point clouds across the industry. The considerable cost of helicopter deployment and access restrictions with land-based systems has until now limited its use.

The development of the powerful and lightweight LiDAR drone scanner, integrated with a range of industrial UAV’s in the form of the VOLANT™ from COPTRZ has changed the market for end users.

VOLANT™ allows end users of LiDAR scanning services to get quality UAV datasets safer and cheaper than ever before.

Volant UAV Lidar
Volant UAV Lidar
LiDAR Drone for Agriculture

LiDAR drones give you the ability to rapidly collect data collections for large scale agriculture and forestry projects. A LiDAR drone also allows for the work to be completed without causing major disruptions to services.

It can be used on a continuous basis to capture incredibly accurate data to enhance your agriculture and farming work. The laser scanning systems can be used to create digitally elevated models allowing for slopes and landscape positions to identify 3D changes over a period of time.

3D vegetations models can also be created to help assist with crop planning, as well as assessing patterns such as canopy height.

The cities of the future could be heavily enhanced with the use of UAV LiDAR drone software. LiDAR systems are an invaluable way of gathering data that could save an incredible amount of time and money.

It can capture over 1,000,000 points per seconds and has a 360° field of view. The modern mobile laser scanners allow creation of point clouds which can help to identify deformities in structures and inabilities in slopes.

Sites only need to be visited once, thus, saving on time and resources. This could be critical if an incident occurs, but also important when planning for future maintenance and works.

Lidar Drone for Engineering
Lidar Drone for Mining

Laser scanning can help to improve the efficiency and the safety of your mining for natural resources.

LiDAR drone software creates 3D models to allow for accurate views of mining and quarry sites, and allow for you to be able to gather incredibly accurate and vital data that could have massive implementations on future planning.

The LiDAR is keen for mine planning, and can assist with slope stability assessments. Speed and efficiency is key for the mining and natural resources industry, and the LiDAR only enhances this.

Drones allow you to rapidly collect data collections for large scale projects without causing major disruptions to services which is one of the major advantages to the LiDAR drone software. You can cover large areas in a matter of minutes.

Similarly to the mining industry, speed and efficiency are key when it comes to the surveying of infrastructures. The LiDAR drone software allows you to complete projects quickly, but still provides incredibly accurate data that can be used to allow these infrastructures to run far more efficiently.


LiDAR Drone for Surveying

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