UAV LIDAR has been one of the most eagerly anticipated technologies of the past five years. Where LiDAR sensors used to weigh in excess of 20 kg, new advancements have seen laser scanning systems shrink in size and weight, meaning that UAV LiDAR systems are not only possible but also affordable.

COPTRZ specialise in commercial drones for surveying tasks, whether that be for Civil Engineering, Environmental Studies, Search & Rescue or complex inspection work.

LiDAR undoubtedly gives a greater depth of data for any project requiring precision measurements within a three-dimensional model. Combine this with the flexibility and affordability of a drone and you have a game-changing proposition.

Our UAV LiDAR platforms offer the ability to go anywhere, outdoors with a laser scanning system - within reason and with permission!

Airborne LiDAR has previously been limited to a sensor mounted to a plane or helicopter. Even if you own your own aircraft, chances are, the price of a mobile mapping LiDAR system has precluded you from taking off. UAV LiDAR systems are affordable on both ends of the spectrum, yet still deliver exceptional data and positional accuracy.


Typical Specification of a UAV LiDAR Scanner:

  • Up to 100,000 measurements per second
  • Interface for IMU integration
  • 360° field of view
  • Ability to focus on multiple targets
  • Suitable for fixed or rotary wing as well as multi-rotor UAVs.


Software for UAV LiDAR

Utilising Reigl RiProcess and Novatel Inertial Explorer the raw data can be processed into a georeferenced pointcloud. From here there are a host of software options for manipulation and presentation of data.

COPTRZ offer a full service when it comes to the consideration of UAV LiDAR. Our experts will work with you to decide the best drone, payloads and sensors to suit your application, along with step by step guidance and training for your pilots and data processors.


Free Yourself from Battery Restraints

Drone tethers are ideal when a more complex survey is required, where changing batteries would add additional time and money to a project.

Incorporating a tether with a UAV LiDAR system is critical if your site access is limited, or your services are in demand as they allow you to complete more surveys in a shorter space of time.

Find out more about drone tethers (do we have other tethers available for more robust systems??)


Create DTMs and DEMs in a Fraction of the Time

UAV LiDAR stands to revolutionise the way many land and building surveys are carried out, providing accurate and detailed data from an aerial position. The speed at which drones can be deployed, combined with the ability to live stream data makes for a faster service all round.


About LiDAR:

LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) is a sensing technology with allows for the remote capture of three-dimensional data. Light from a laser is pulsed at an object, the time it takes to return is recorded back to the sensor. A LiDAR sensor can record up to a million measurements per second, which when combined with an IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit - which provides positional accuracy) and GPS, creates an accurate 3D representation of almost any structure or hard surface.

UAV photogrammetry provides an excellent alternative to laser scanning, yet unlike radar or photogrammetry LiDAR can ‘see’ through vegetation, making it ideal for applications where trees or undergrowth could get in the way of an accurate survey from the air.

Speak to our experts to find out how UAV LiDAR can improve your results and speed up your data delivery.

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