Training Courses - COPTRZ

CAA Drone Training

Get the training required to apply for your Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO).

OFQUAL 4 Certificate

Once you have your PfCO, we can provide you with an academically registered qualification under OFQUAL.

OFQUAL 5 Award

Take your operations to the next level with the OFQUAL 5 Award, the ultimate training course for Chief Pilots.

ELCAS funded training

If you’re ex-forces you can use your ELCAS funding to train as a Commercial Drone Pilot with Coptrz.

PiX4D Mapper for Beginners & Advanced users

Learn to produce 3D Maps from your drone data. Workshops available for both beginners and advanced users.

Filming & Imagery Masterclass

Acquire the knowledge and skills needed to capture and deliver high-quality aerial photography/video for your clients. Essential for those working in Media.

Basics of Aerial Thermography

This 1-day thermography workshop will teach you the basics of aerial infrared thermography and how you can use it to offer your clients additional services.

Introduction to Unmanned BVLoS

This workshop will give you the basic knowledge and skills required to make a successful application to regulatory authorities and conduct BVLoS flying safely.