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Pix4D SA started out in 2011 as a spinoff of the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) Computer Vision Lab in Switzerland.

Pix4D is a suite of software products that use both photogrammetry and computer vision algorithms. These transform both RGB and multispectral in 3D maps and models. They offer a unique mobile, desktop and cloud workflow from drone flight to finish.

Pix4D Mapping Software


Pix4Dmapper is photogrammetry software for professional drone based mapping, purely from imagery. It turns your images into highly precise 2D maps and 3D models. They are incredibly customisable and complements a wide range of applications and software.

Key Outputs:

  • 3D Point Cloud: Derived from overlapped images. This gives you the accurate location in the reconstructed object space. It’s displayed in original RGB or classification colours.
  • Digital Surface & Terrain Model: Digital models that give you the elevation value of each pixel. Comes with or without above ground objects, ready for your preferred GIS workflow.
  • Orthomosaic: A high-resolution map with each of the pixels from the original image correctly projected on the digital surface of the model. This leaves you with no perspective distortions, only accurate geolocation.
  • Volume Calculation: Output calculated volumes on a perfect representation of your stockpiles, with fully adjustable base height which leads to precise measurements.
  • Contour Lines: Generate a simplified representation of topography with closed contours displaying the elevation.
  • 3D Textured Model: Full 3D triangular mesh with photorealistic texturing, available also in level-of-detail formats, perfect for sharing and visualisation.
  • Thermography: A radiometrically-accurate map with a temperature value of each pixel.

The Pix4Dmapper processing pipeline also allows Parrot Sequoia+. This allows for a more consistent evaluation of collected data and improves the user experience by removing the needs for a reflectance target.

To find out more about the Pix4Dmapper, feel free to visit our product page.


Pix4Dbim gives you the opportunity to analyse, share and integrate as-built site data with BIM. It uses flexible image processing option on either desktop or cloud. Its deliverables can be analysed and shared via a cloud-based server and compared to BIM as-design or schedule drawings.


  • Photorealistic 3D Models for Measurements: Pix4Dbim desktop creates 3D models, surface and volume measurements, contours, and general visualisation. Original high-resolution images can be viewed for inspection purposes by clicking on any point in the 3D model.
  • Cloud-Based Timeline: Data collected regularly is displayed on an incredibly easy-to-visualise timeline in the cloud, which shows site progress. The 2D & 3D data can be accessed from here, as well as annotated, measured and shared.
  • BIM Comparison for As-Built vs As-Design: Import drawings to the Pix4Dbim cloud, so as-built orthophotos can be compared with as-design drawings.




Pix4Dfields is the ideal aerial crop analysis tool for digital farming. It offers you fast and accurate maps while in the field, with a simple yet powerful interface fully dedicated to agriculture.

It offers you consistent and accurate results throughout the season, and in combination with Pix4Dmapper, even the most complex scenarios are covered. You can generate high-resolution maps which you are in the field and is available for multispectral and RGB cameras.

The Pix4Dfields also offers agriculture intuitive with layer comparison, zonation and prescription tools to help you interpret and use your maps better.

Pix4Dfields is also compatible with all Pix4D software.


Pix4Dag is drone mapping software for precision agriculture. It converts multispectral images into accurate reflectance and index maps, such as NDVI, and also uses RGB images to generate high-resolution orthomosaics. It easily integrates drone-based technology into your AG operations, processing locally when and where you want.

Its automated processing templates for agriculture maps make for easy workflow, with the desktop and cloud processing allowing you to work when and where you want. You can generate index maps and convert them into application maps for farm machinery.

Pix4Dag also allows you to integrate and collaborate application maps in industry standard formats. It also has radiometric accuracy, with optimal results from Ag-designed, multispectral cameras.


Pix4Dmodel provides you with shareable 3Dmodels from drone images. It allows you to process images automatically to create photorealistic 3D models from drone images. You can export fly-through videos and full-textured-mesh models to showcase your drone works on the web and social media.

You can quickly pinpoint elements and calculate distances and surface areas on your 3D model. With the Pix4Dmodel cloud, you can also now add and share markers and measurements.

The rayCloud Editor is a novel way to assess the quality and improve projects, and measure features.


  • Share your 3D Model: Export in a variety of file formats to upload on Sketchfab and other online 3D visualisation platforms.
  • Fly-Through Videos: Create your own unique fly-through path for a dynamic 3D video that highlights your project. Share on YouTube, Vimeo, and more.
  • 3D Printable Outputs: Pix4Dmodel meshes are 3D printable. 3D mapping and 3D printing, when used together, help develop ideas faster than ever, from architectural models to industrial design prototypes.

Pix4D: Introduction to 3D Mapping

Pix4D is the leading UAV photogrammetry software, specifically designed for users who want to make 3D maps and point clouds from data captured during a drone flight.

The COPTRZ 1-day Pix4D training workshop aims to give you an overview of Pix4D and how to use the software to give you the data output that you require. The workshop is ideal for those with no previous experience using the software.

Find out more here.

Enquire Now about the Pix4D range:

    Pix4D is a suite of software products that use both photogrammetry and computer vision algorithms. These transform both RGB and multispectral in 3D maps and models. They offer a unique mobile, desktop and cloud workflow from drone flight to finish.