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Parrot Sequoia

Parrot Sequoia

The Parrot Sequoia is a multispectral camera designed for use with all types of drones. It’s particularly useful for precision agriculture. It has two sensors; multispectral and sunshine. The Sequoia analyses plants vitality by capturing the amount of light they absorb and collect. This intelligent data enables farmers to take optimal action on their land including the accurate spraying of expensive fertiliser.

The Sequoia provides information on plants’ health, enabling farmers to take action at micro-plot level. Analysing plants data after irrigation is just one of the benefits of the Sequoia. It also allows you to optimise the use of fertiliser by varying the quantities according to need. It also allows the reduction of pesticide use to only plots that require it.

With its mini-camera format, the Parrot Sequoia’s multispectral sensor can be integrated with all drones, both multi-rotor and fixed wing.

Due to its Wi-Fi and USB connections, Its data is accessible on all devices, regardless of whether it’s on a computer, smartphone or tablet.

Parrot Sequoia – Agricultural Drone Sensor – Capture the Invisible

Introducing the unique and powerful multispectral sensor, specially designed for agri-business.

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