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Drones for Industrial Inspection: Severn Trent Case Study

The drone industry is set to grow exponentially in the future. More and more inspection and utility companies are utilising drones for a variety of reasons. Following a series of consultations, Severn Trent Water decided to invest in a fleet of drones for a number of different use cases, including using their drones for industrial inspection. … Continued

29th November 2018

Elios Collision-tolerant Drone Tests Radiation Tolerance

September 25, 2018 – Flyability announced that the Elios drone was tested and successfully performed even at a dose rate of 800 Rem/Hour / 8 Sv/Hour (Roentgen Equivalent Man) for 10 minutes. Used in the nuclear industry in five countries and equipping more than 30% of all U.S. nuclear plants, Elios is used to prevent … Continued

25th September 2018

Using Drones for Good, Part 3: Elios

In part 3 of our series, using drones for good, we are going to look at how the innovative Elios drone from Flyability is helping to keep beer production lines flowing at Pilsner, support law enforcement in France, prevent a major environmental disaster in Barcelona and explore new cave systems in Sicily. The Flyability Elios … Continued

30th August 2018

Flyability Elios: Inspection of Pilsner Urquell Bottling Facility

The team at Drony SITMP, a drone service provider, Flyability reseller and innovation centre based in the Czech Republic, used the Flyability Elios to inspect the ceiling trusses and beams over the bottling plant at the Pilsner Urquell brewery. Collision-tolerant Elios was able to navigate electrical wiring, scaffolding, vents and other obstacles to get a … Continued

11th July 2018

COPTRZ Emergency Services Drone Demo Day

Here at COPTRZ we hosted a fantastic drone demo day down at the Norfolk Showground with the emergency services. On show were a number of the superb products that we have available in our store. This included the impressive Aeroscope drone detection unit. There were also demos for the Flyability Elios and DJI’s Matrice 210. … Continued

16th May 2018

COPTRZ fly the Flyability Elios drone at Tech Incubator Launch

Here at COPTRZ, we decided to take the Flyability Elios drone for a fly at the Platform Tech Incubator Launch in Leeds. Take a look at the video here: The Elios is the first collision tolerant drone. It’s housed in a carbon fibre protective frame, and therefore means you can access the tightest spaces without the … Continued

17th April 2018

Flyability Elios: Inspection of a Pulp & Paper Mill Tank

Pulp, which is the raw material used in the manufacture of paper, is prepared by chemically or mechanically separating cellulose fibres from wood, fibre crops or waste paper. At an industrial scale, this process is performed in large tanks that need recurrent inspections. Customer Needs One of Europe’s leading manufacturer of pulp and paper possesses … Continued

16th February 2018

Elios Indoor Drone Bridge Inspection – Case Study

Flyability Elios is used for two different types of missions: flying under smaller bridges to check for potential issues, including accessing the difficult spaces between beams; and flying in the confined spaces of box girders on larger bridges. Both missions save the company significant time, money and resources while contributing to the safety of the … Continued

12th February 2018