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Drones and Topographic Surveying: A Match Made in Heaven

Drones were once seen as futuristic devices which were the preserve of the military and scientific projects. But if one sector embodies the move of drones into the mainstream, it is in topographic surveying. This is where unmanned aircraft are now a fundamental part of modern map making. It is accepted that drones have singlehandedly … Continued

27th April 2018

COPTRZ DRONE-FLX Leasing Solution Now Available

COPTRZ has today announced the release of DRONE-FLX, an industry-first leasing solution that provides a cost-effective way for businesses and public bodies to enjoy the benefits of the latest drone technology. With costs spread over a three-year period, the latest drone hardware can be bundled with training and software to enable an effective drone strategy … Continued

9th January 2018