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COPTRZ announce 68% increase in PfCO courses for 2019

NQE CAA Training providers COPTRZ has announced a record 68% increase in course dates in January to June next year in the United Kingdom. The courses take place across the country in 12 different locations across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. COPTRZ have also now partnered with insurance providers Flock to include free insurance … Continued

23rd October 2018

Drone Flying Course: The Next Step In Your Career

Becoming a drone pilot is one of the most exciting careers you can launch in the current commercial environment, offering opportunities to build a lucrative and successful business. There are abundant openings for qualified commercial drone pilots to develop a business at this moment, however, it’s highly likely the arena will become far more competitive … Continued

11th May 2018

COPTRZ Case Study: Adam Watkin on the COPTRZ CAA Course

Ever wondered what it’s like to take a CAA/PfCO course? Then we are on hand to help you out. The PfCO “licence” is a key tool for commercial enterprises who want to take their drone business to the next level. We spoke to Adam Watkin who recently passed one of our CAA courses, and is a … Continued

3rd May 2018

Questions about CAA PfCO drone training? We’ll answer them live…

The commercial drone industry is growing at a rapid rate as UAV technology improves. As a result, there is a continuous demand for skilled, CAA approved drone pilots. Attending a CAA PfCO drone training course to gain your permission for commercial operations (PfCO) can seem daunting, but we’re here with the help and guidance you … Continued

22nd February 2018

CAA Drone Flight Test: What to expect on the day

COPTRZ is the UK’s leading CAA approved NQE, delivering permission for commercial operations (PfCO) training courses at 12 locations across the UK. The drone flight test is a fundamental part of the course and this article aims to give you a quick overview of what you can expect on the day. There are three main sections to … Continued

15th February 2018

Preparing Your PfCO Operations Manual

As a qualified NQE, COPTRZ provides specialist training to enable drone pilots to obtain their permission for commercial operations (PfCO). The process of applying for your PfCO involves three key areas; a theory assessment, flight assessment and an operations manual submission to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). Submitting drone flight operations manual to the CAA is … Continued

2nd November 2017

Why Choose COPTRZ For Your CAA PfCO Training

As an approved NQE, COPTRZ provides a complete 4 day CAA PfCO Training Course that enables drone pilots to obtain their permission for commercial operations. Training for all ability levels Our students range from photographers/videographers all the way through to police forces and large corporations looking to use drones as part of their operations. Why choose COPTRZ … Continued

30th August 2017

CAA Case Study: Peter Hinton, Operations Manager at the Royal Variety Charity

At COPTRZ, we’re always happy to catch up with our former students to find out how their COPTRZ CAA training is helping them as a commercial drone pilot. This month we had the pleasure of catching up with Peter Hinton, Operations Manager at the Royal Variety Charity, who has started using drones during the proposed redevelopment of the … Continued

21st July 2017