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How Venezuelan Drone Assassination Attempt Could Have Been Prevented

The need for drone detection at major events recently came to light following an assassination attempt on the Venezuelan president. Nicolas Maduro (Venezuelan president) survived the attack after several drones armed with explosives flew towards him during a speech at a military parade. Maduro was fortunate to come out of the situation unharmed as the … Continued

7th August 2018

Who is leading the way in the use of drone detection systems?

As with any tech that can be used for ill-gotten gain or illegal purposes, use of drones to compromise public safety, as well as security or privacy is a growing concern. So, who is leading the way in drone detection systems? Is the game of cat and mouse finally swinging back in favour of organisations … Continued

10th July 2018

Illegal ways that drones are getting used

Stunning aerial shots, gathering necessary covert intelligence and receiving your Amazon order the very same day. There is no denying that drones and drone technology are very useful. They can be hugely beneficial to many industries in a number of different ways. As with anything, however, there is always the risk of technology being misused … Continued

23rd June 2018

Why is counterdrone technology needed?

Modern technology has allowed a range of innovations and advances to transform the way in which we live our lives, and counterdrone technology is the latest onto the market. We have powerful computers on our person at all times. They are able to easily access all of the information the internet has to offer. Driverless … Continued

15th June 2018

The different forms of anti-drone technology currently being used

Ever since drones first came about, criminals have been finding ever-more creative ways to utilise drones for illegal purposes. However, local security experts have not simply sat back and watched while this trend continues. Instead, a number of creative solutions have been developed to help detect drones early on and reduce potential risks to both … Continued

13th June 2018

Drone technology is the future: their threat and how to combat negative use

One of the greatest advances of recent times is drone technology. It has undoubtedly developed and on the rise at a rapid rate. Essentially they are tiny flying computers with the ability to record, process, stream and collate information. They can listen to audio data, and be controlled from a number of miles away. That … Continued

12th June 2018

Why does your company need drone detection systems?

Once the niche of exclusive security officials and secret government surveillance, drones have now become an everyday occurrence. This has a number of benefits, such as stunning aerial photography and a wealth of opportunities for increased data gathering. With these benefits, however, are risks. Drones are being more discreet than ever, and have the risk … Continued

11th June 2018