COPTRZ Emergency Services Drone Demo Day

Here at COPTRZ we hosted a fantastic drone demo day down at the Norfolk Showground with the emergency services. On show were a number of the superb products that we have available in our store. This included the impressive Aeroscope drone detection unit. There were also demos for the Flyability Elios and DJI’s Matrice 210. … Continued

16th May 2018

A Closer Look at DJI’s AeroScope

The DJI AeroScope is groundbreaking technology. Drones are on the up, and it’s expected by the year 2020 there’ll be over 20 billion in the air. So as you can imagine, the threat of drones is naturally on the up as well, and the needs for drone security heightens. Recently there have been a number … Continued

30th April 2018

NEWS FLASH: Drone has near-miss with commercial flight

The need for Aeroscope was recently brought into the limelight. UK authorities have confirmed that a drone passed a mere 20 feet over an Airbus 319 during takeoff. It’s one of the biggest fears drone pilots have when flying. According to a report released by the UK¬†Airprox Board, a drone came close to an Airbus … Continued

16th April 2018

Controlling the Skies. Drone Detection for Police Forces

The last few years have seen the rapid developments in drone technology, with a wide range of organisations in various commercial sectors embracing the benefits which drones can provide. This is in addition to a large number of hobbyist drone operators. With busier skies, comes the responsibility of tracking drone use and unmanned aircraft activity … Continued

16th March 2018

AeroScope thwarts illegal drone activity at G20 summit

A cutting-edge drone detection system discovered 18 “infringement incidents” and helped to ensure the safety of world leaders and the public during the 11th G20 summit. The AeroScope DJI Drone Detection System was deployed during a recent meeting of the Group of Twenty at Hangzhou, China at the request of the Ministry of Public Security, … Continued

14th March 2018

AeroScope – DJI Drone Detection System

The use of drones has grown tremendously over the past 2 years, both in hobbyist and commercial aspects. With the increasing number of drones taking to the skies, naturally, there is a growing concern for public safety, air traffic safety and privacy. In response, DJI, in partnership with COPTRZ, has unveiled AeroScope, a new solution … Continued

15th February 2018