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Surveyors using drones to gather data are making day-to-day operations faster, safer and more cost-effective.  Join the likes of Costain, Pfizer and Can group who have improved their business efficiency by adopting drone technology.

Join our interactive webinar each month with UAV Strategist James Pick to find out more about using drones for surveying.


“Since 2018 Coptrz have become our sole training provider. Along with pilot NQE qualifications, vocational lessons have also been given on how to use drones to complete survey-grade photogrammetry, We’ve purchased a host of assets from Coptrz and made them our “one-stop-shop” for all things UAV.”
Jonathan Wales, Head of Videography and Aerial Solutions, COSTAIN

At COPTRZ we’re leading the way in the geospatial industry by providing UAV solutions for organisations looking to adopt drones. If you’re interested in adding drones to your surveying capabilities then check out our latest packages below including all the training, hardware, software and ongoing support you need to get into the skies with confidence.

Get the full 360° solution

Complete Surveying Package

Everything you need to introduce a UAV survey solution to your business


This package includes:

  • DJI Phantom 4 RTK – quadcopter + controller
  • Three extra P4 RTK batteries + One RC battery
  • Pilot Safety Kit
  • PfCO Online Drone Training Course
  • Commercial UAV Surveying Course
  • One year Pix4Dmapper licence
  • Pix4D Essentials two-day workshop
  • Lifetime access to Coptrz Academy
  • Optional Base station


£7,970 + Vat

Payment plans available


Professional Surveying Package

Collect data more efficiently in large scale surveying and mapping applications with the Wingtra PPK


This package includes:

  • Wingtra PPK Aircraft
  • Sony RX 42 Megapixel Camera
  • Hardcase
  • Two extra batteries
  • Handover training and Fixed Wing Assessment
  • Pix4D Mapper one-year licence
  • Pix4D Essentials two-day workshop
  • Commercial UAV Surveying Course
  • Lifetime access to Coptrz Academy
  • Operations Manual Support

£32,475 + Vat

Payment plans available


Introducing the Wingtra PPK

The WingtraOne PPK VTOL is a fixed-wing, fully autonomous drone specifically designed for long-distance surveying applications. The Wingtra allows for a flight to be pre-planned thanks to its intelligent WingtraPilot software. The Wingtra is up in the air and can automatically capture surveying data at the touch of a button.

The PhaseOne iXM Metric Camera Series

The Phase One iXM series metric camera incorporates the first medium-format sensor with backside-illumination technology, enabling high light sensitivity and extended dynamic range. Fast, highly responsive, robust, and weatherproof (IP53 compliant), the iXM 100MP delivers superior quality aerial imaging and flexible operation to satisfy diverse mapping, surveying, and inspection applications.


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