How to complete your SRG 1320 form


The SRG 1320 is the form that you need to complete once you have passed your ground school and flight assessment. Completing your SRG 1320 is a vital step in attaining your Permission for Commercial Operations.

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Section 1

Section 1 outlines the following parts of section 2 that you should complete depending on your current or proposed business type. Section 2 for is individuals, partnerships, LLPs and private clubs whilst section 2a is for limited companies.

SRG 1320 Section 1



Section 2 & 2a

You must only fill out section 2 OR 2a, depending on your business type. Please refer to section 1 above to find out whether you should fill in section 2 or 2a. Do not fill out both. You must make section 2 ties in with your ops manual. For example, Joe Bloggs is an individual, and in his ops manual he made the statement: "The Operator, Joe Bloggs, uses small unmanned aircraft to deliver services to commercial customers." In this case, as named individual he would need to complete section 2 and skip section 2a.

Fill out section 2 if you are in individual, partnership, private club, LLP, charity, ministry of defence, trust or public educational establishment

SRG 1320 Section 2

Fill out section 2a if you are limited company

SRG 1320 Section 2a

SRG 1320 Section 2a



 Section 3

Complete this section only if you would like to receive correspondence to a different address other than the one you have listed in section 2 or 2a.



 Section 4

In section 4 you must tick the box that is most relevent to your application. If this is your first application to the CAA, please tick 'Initial Issue of:' For the category question, you must tick the box which is relevent to the aircraft that you passed your flight assessment with. If you passed your flight assessment with an aircraft below 7kg, you must tick 0-7kg MTOM.

If you passed your flight assessment with an aircraft between 7-20kg you are eligle for both categories so must tick both 0-7kg MTOM and >7-20kg MTOM.

In most cases you will be applying for Standard Permissions so make sure this is ticked.

SRG 1320 Section 4



 Section 5

In this section you must fill out the details of the main pilot under your permission. (Additional pilots can be added in section 9). Also include your flying experience and aircraft. E.g. 8 Hours DJI Inspire 2. It may also be beneficial in this area if you make a note of what you have been using the drone for e.g. photography, surveying, leisure.

Tick the NQE Full-category course if you have completed the full ground school and flight assessment.

SRG 1320 Section 5



 Section 6

In this section you should fill in the details of the SUA you will be operating. Include details of additional SUA's if you operate more than one.

SRG 1320 Section 6


 Section 7

Fill in the version of your operations manual and date of application. Tick the box to confirm that the operations manual is up to date and has been signed by the accountable person named on the operations manual.

SRG 1320 Section 7


Section 8

In section 8, tick VLoS and detail your type of flying activity, for example; commercial photography, surveying, emergency services etc. It is important that you use the same information as in your ops manual so the two match up.

SRG 1320 Section 8


Section 10

Print your name and sign with a digital signature to confirm that everything entered is correct to your knowledge and that you have completed at least 2 hours total SUA/SUSA flight time. You must attach your logbook evidence to confirm that you have completed the 2 hours flight time.

SRG 1320 Section 9

SRG 1320 Section 10


Section 11

Fill in the total charges for your application. Currently the price for both 0-7kg and 7-20kg aircrafts is £173

SRG 1320 Section 11


Payment Authorisation Section 1

In this section you should should fill in the original appicant's name, telephone number and date. Also fill in your company name if you are applying as registered company as referenced in section 2a.

You are applying for 'Permission for Commercial Operations and the application form number is 'SRG 1320.'

Leave application submission number blank.

SRG 1320 Payment


Payment Authorisation Section 2

In this section you must choose your method of payment. It is advised that you pay by bank transfer as this is the fastest method and will enable you to receive your permissions quicker. If you pay by card the CAA will have to phone you to take payment over the phone which can delay your application.

Make sure you complete all sections including payment amount (£173), payer name, payer email and date of transfer.

Your BACS/CHAPS/ASN Reference is SRG1320 followed by the date of application e.g. SRG1320ddmmyyyy

SRG 1320 Payment