DJI Wind 4

The DJI Wind 4 is a heavy duty quadcopter capable of carrying a variety of payloads up to a maximum of 10kg.


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    Product Details

    The DJI Wind 4 is a heavy duty quadcopter capable of carrying a variety of payloads up to a maximum of 10kg. It has been built to accommodate an additional bespoke payload on the underside of the unit. Currently available in the range is a supply drop box and a megaphone, an excellent addition to search and rescue situations.

    The Wind 4 is currently compatible with the following cameras:

    DJI have ultimately designed the Wind 4 to be a versatile unit that is suitable for a range of industrial applications. It is very similar to the M600 due to it featuring an onboard and mobile SDK, thus enabling custom payload integrations. The extendable landing gear also allows for larger payloads to be attached to the underside of the unit without interference with the ground.

    Here at COPTRZ, we are particularly excited about the supply box which is available for the Wind 4. Available in either a 14L or 18L capacity, the supply box can be programmed to be opened via the controller whilst the drone is in flight. This makes it a great option for dropping supplies when there is no possibility of landing.

    Read more about the DJI Wind 4 in our introduction blog. 

    24 Month Warranty Included

    £200 Drone Training Voucher Included


    DZ-12000 Battery

    The Wind 4 uses an intelligent battery with a maximum capacity of 120000mAh. The battery is housed within a high-strength protective shell and dampers. The cables are also well protected for safety and reliability. The battery also offers a more stable voltage, thus extending its lifespan.

    Tuned Propulsion System

    The Wind 4 comes with E5000 Motors that are a tuned propulsion system that has been designed for use in industrial multirotor applications.

    Combined with a weather sealant, the propulsion system is ideal for heavy loads and deals well with harsh environments.

    Accurate Flight Control

    The Wind 4 utilises the DJI A3. This combines ultimate reliability with accurate flight control.

    The brand new A3 series of flight controllers are ideal for demanding industrial and cinematic applications where reliability and customisation are essential.


    The Wind 4 has the ability to be fitted with a megaphone, ideal for crowd control or finding people during a search and rescue. The transmission is via an external microphone with a 5km range, enabling output even at long distances.

    Other key features:

    • IP43 rating
    • Max 10kg payload
    • Customisable ground station (supports SDK)
    • Compatible with third-party devices
    • D-RTK
    • Supply box and megaphone attachment available

    • Diagonal Wheelbase: 1060mm
    • Weight (with DZ-12000mAh battery): 11kg
    • Max Takeoff Weight: 21kg
    • Max Payload Weight: 10kg
    • Propulsion System: E5000
    • Fuselage Protection Level: IP56
    • Hovering Time: 35 mins (1 battery), 50 mins (2 batteries)
    • Hovering Time (7kg load): 17 mins (with 1 MG-12000 battery)
    • Hovering Time (10kg load): 11 mins (with 1 MG-12000 battery)
    • Hovering Accuracy Vertical: +0.5m, Horizontal: +1.5m
    • Max Angular Velocity: 150°/s
    • Max Pitch Angular: 25°
    • Max Ascent Speed: 5 m/s
    • Max Descent Speed: 3 m/s
    • Max Wind Resistance: 10 m/s
    • Max Speed: 18 m/s
    • Dimension of Drone (folded): 530mm*480mm*430mm
    • Dimension of Drone (unfolded): 860mm*860mm*525mm
    • Dimension of Suitcase: 610mm*584mm*432mm

    • 14L Supply Box (6kg capacity): 340mm x 184mm x 200mm
    • 18L Supply Box (10kg capacity): 393mm x 214mm x 200mm

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