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DJI Matrice 100

The DJI Matrice 100 is one of the most versatile drones in the DJI range. It has been specifically designed for developers and commercial operators who require a bespoke data capture platform.

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    Product Details

    The DJI Matrice 100 is one of the most versatile drones in the DJI range. It has been specifically designed for developers and commercial operators who require a bespoke data capture platform. The M100 is an incredibly powerful platform, which due to its open SDK, can be easily integrated with third-party sensors such as thermal and multispectral cameras. From cameras to sensors, communication tools and more, the DJI Matrice 100 helps you gather high-quality aerial data efficiently.

    Made up of lightweight carbon fibre, the Matrice 100 aircraft body reduces sensor vibrations and brings unmatched reliability for commercial drone operations. Each arm contains DJI’s new soft vibration to virtually eliminate any feedback, allowing for unprecedented accuracy. An additional battery compartment can be utilised on the Matrice 100, allowing you to achieve up to 40 minutes of flight time with your chosen payload and accessories.

    You can take full control of the Matrice 100 via the customisable controller included with the platform. Command your system in the air via the new DJI Pilot app or alternatively, you can create your own via the accessible onboard DJI SDK.

    24 Month Warranty Included

    £200 Drone Training Voucher Included



    • Diagonal Wheelbase: 650 mm
    • Weight (with TB47D): 2355 g
    • Weight (with TB48D): 2431 g
    • Max. Takeoff Weight: 3600 g
    • Expansion Bay Weight: 45 g
    • Battery Compartment Weight: 160 g
    • Zenmuse X3 Gimbal with Camera Weight: 247 g


    • Hovering Accuracy (P-Mode with GPS): Vertical: 0.5m, Horizontal: 2.5m
    • Max Angular Velocity: Pitch: 300°/s, Yaw: 150°/s
    • Max Tilt Angle: 35°
    • Max Wind Resistance: 10 m/s
    • Max Speed: 22 m/s (ATTI mode, no payload, no wind) or 17 m/s (GPS mode, no payload, no wind)
    • Hovering Time (with TB47D): No payload: 22 min; 500g payload: 17 min; 1kg payload: 13 min
    • Hovering Time (TB48D): No payload: 28 min; 500g payload: 20 min; 1kg payload: 16 min
    • Hovering Time (with TB47D & Zenmuse X3): No payload: 19 min
    • Hovering Time (with TB48D & Zenmuse X3): No payload: 23 min

    Propulsion System

    • Motor Model: DJI 3510
    • Propeller Model: DJI 1345s
    • ESC Model: DJI E SERIES 620 D


    • Operating Temperature: -10°C to 40°C

    Flight Control System

    • Model: N1


    • Model: A14-100P1A
    • Voltage Output: 26.3 V
    • Power Rating: 100 W

    Battery (Optional)

    • Name: Intelligent Flight Battery
    • Model: TB48D
    • Capacity: 5700 mAh
    • Voltage: 22.8 V
    • Type: LiPo 6S
    • Energy: 129.96 Wh
    • Net Weight: 676 g
    • Operating Temperature: -10°C to 40°C
    • Storage Temperature: <3 months: -20°C to 45°C and >3 months: 22°C to 28°C
    • Charging Temperature: 0°C to 40 °C
    • Max Charging Power: 180W

    Remote Controller

    • Name: C1
    • Operating Frequency: 5.725~5.825 GHz, 922.7MHz ~ 927.7 MHz & 2.400 ~ 2.483 GHz (Lightbridge)
    • Transmission Distance (unobstructed, free of interference): CE: 3.5 km, FCC: 5 km
    • EIRP: 10dBm@900m, 13dBm @ 5.8G, 20dBm @ 2.4G
    • Video Output: USB, Mini-HDMI
    • Power Supply: Built-In battery
    • Charger: DJI approved charger
    • Dual Users Capability: Master-and-Slave control
    • Mobile Device Holder: Supports smartphones and tablets
    • Output Power: 9 W
    • Operating Temperature: –10°C to 40°C
    • Storage Temperature: <3 months: -20°C to 45°C and >3 months: 22°C to 28°C
    • Charging Temperature: 0°C to 40°C
    • Battery: 6000 mAh LiPo 2S
    • Max Mobile Device Width: 170 mm

    Battery (Standard)

    • Name: Intelligent Flight Battery
    • Model: TB47D
    • Capacity: 4500 mAh
    • Voltage: 22.2 V
    • Type: LiPo 65
    • Energy: 99.9 Wh
    • Net Weight: 600 g
    • Operating Temperature: -10°C to 40°C
    • Storage Temperature: <3 months: -20°C to 45°C and >3 months: 22°C to 28°C
    • Charging Temperature: 0°C to 40°C
    • Max Charging Power: 180 W

    • Centre Frame x 1 (with battery compartment)
    • Frame Arm x 4
    • Quick-Release Propeller Pair x 3
    • Remote Controller x 1
    • Mobile Device Holder x 1
    • Intelligent Flight Battery x 1 (TB47D)
    • Battery Charger x 1
    • Power Cable x 1
    • Micro-USB Cable x 1
    • GPS Module x 1
    • GPS Bracket Set x 1
    • Arm Fastener x 4
    • Expansion Bay x 2
    • Gimbal Mounting Plate x 1
    • Damper x 4
    • XT30-XT60 Cable x 1
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  • FAQ's

    Does the Matrice 100 have dual battery compartments? What’s the maximum flight time?

    Yes, the Matrice 100 is built with dual battery compartments. Thus allowing you to mount an extra TB48D battery to achieve a maximum flight time of 40 minutes.

    What is the obstacle avoidance range provided by the Vision Positioning System? Can I change the range?

    The obstacle avoidance range includes the obstacle sensing range and the brake distance. The obstacle sensing range is 0.2 m to 20 m which are determined by an algorithm set within Guidance according to the real-time flight speed and cannot be adjusted manually. The brake distance is 2 meters by default and can be adjusted with the DJI Assistant 2 app.

    Can the H4-3D or H3-3D gimbal be mounted onto the Matrice 100?

    No. However, you can mount the Zenmuse X3 onto the Matrice 100, or mount the Zenmuse X5 series onto the Matrice 100 using X5 adapters.

    What video transmission system does the Matrice 100 remote controller adopt? What’s the maximum transmission range of the Matrice 100 remote controller?

    An HD video transmission system is built into the Matrice 100 remote controller. Both the image quality of live video feedback and transmission reliability are greatly enhanced. The maximum transmission range is up to 5 km.

    What’s the maximum service ceiling above sea level of the Matrice 100?

    3 km


Expansion Bays

Additional expansion bays allow you to add components, customize the payload, and fly with any devices you want. Put cameras, sensors, computing boards, communication tools, and more into the sky, and gather data while completing complex jobs from a birds-eye view.

Universal Power & Communication Ports

Connect and fly with a range of DJI or third-party devices, and transmit data to the ground in real time. The Matrice 100 has dual parallel CAN ports for connecting DJI devices including the guidance sensor system and dual parallel UART ports for connecting third-party components of your choice. Now it is easy to mount your own equipment and put it into the sky.

Rigid Aircraft Body

To reduce vibrations, increase stiffness, and bring unmatched reliability, the Matrice 100 is made of strong, lightweight carbon fibre. Each of the arms contains DJI’s new soft vibration absorbing material that virtually eliminates feedback from the powerful motors, keeping your critical components stable and allowing unprecedented accuracy.

Dedicated Remote Controller

Take control of your platform with the customizable, long-range remote controller included with the Matrice 100. With an operating distance of up to 3.1 miles* (5km), a rechargeable battery, fully adjustable controls, and outputs to connect to your mobile device, this is the perfect tool to command your system in the air.


Customise and tailor your flight platform by using the DJI SDK with your Matrice 100.

Use Cases


The DJI Matrice 100 is popular for those looking to use a drone for agricultural applications. Specialist multispectral cameras such as the Parrot Sequoia or MicaSense RedEdge-M can be easily integrated to provide data for crop analysis and land modelling.

University Research

Many universities look to the Matrice 100 due to its versatility. The onboard SDK is perfect for student developers looking to create their own bespoke payloads for research projects.

See the DJI Matrice 100 In Action

Watch the full-featured video of the DJI Matrice 100.

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