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Professional UAV imagery masterclass

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    Plan, capture and sell amazing UAV imagery to grow your business

    The COPTRZ Professional UAV Imagery Masterclass is an online course designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to capture and deliver high-quality aerial photography/video for your clients.

    Delivered by COPTRZ’ specialist photography trainer, Jonny Sharp, this online workshop will cover the complete spectrum of topics related to aerial photography/videography. Throughout the course you will learn pre-flight best practices, shooting strategies, shot setup and framing and post-processing tactics that will enable you to offer a higher standard of data to your commercial clients.


    Part 1


    What you’ll learn on Part One of the Masterclass:

    • Drones – markets and applications (standards for industry types etc. too)

    • Cameras: Standards for industry types

    • Lenses: Standards for industry types

    • Other hardware (HDD’s, solid-state media, PC’s, etc.)

    • The best software to use

    • Introduction to how light works with tech (exposure etc.) light meter app

    • Auto vs Manual (benefits of having control) webcam interaction.

    • ISO/GAIN, shutter speeds, Aperture etc.

    • White balance

    • Depth of Field

    • Explanation of typical interfaces

    • Spot metering, zebra, Histograms etc.

    • Framerates, formats

    • Introduction to post-production hardware & software, codecs etc.

    • Material organisation, transcoding and delivery

    • An introduction to part 2 of the Filming & Photography Course

    Part 2

    What you’ll learn on Part Two of the Masterclass:

    • Production: Workflows, material prep and edit workflows

    • An introduction to drone operations in Film, TV and other relevant industries to the course

    • Introduction to unions for film and tv and typical UK rates

    • Overview of Film and TV terminology, structure, etiquette etc. and how it differs from commercial operation.

    • Understanding and implementing a director’s needs

    • An explanation of routes to each market (including commercial) for those trying to improve their businesses

    • Information about professional associations, unions to consider becoming part of for different paths

    • Introducing the none-tech parts: Rule of thirds, composition, leading lines, patterns and negative/positive space

    • Photography section covering outstanding tech/camera operation

    • The workflow from preproduction to post-production delivery

    • A basic guide to self-editing video & photography – Organising material, 3 point editing, an overview of editing basics and typical interfaces

    • Interactive Q&A with the host


  • Meet your trainers

    Jonathan Sharp

    Owner at Sky Drone 


    Jonathan has been a videographer and photographer for over 10 years. He now runs an aerial film and photography business and has worked on various projects including TV adverts, short films and promotional videos for a wide range of industries. He has flown many different types of drones from FPV style cine drones to large octocopters with high-end camera systems. His go-to drone is a DJI Inspire 2 with an X5 or X7 camera.




    Morgan’s first love has always been film, he finds there’s nothing more satisfying than delivering engaging stories.
    Morgan has worked in the TV and media industries for 19 years, predominantly in advertising and promotion. He’s had the privilege of experiencing a variety of disciplines as an offline/online editor, animator, digital designer, DOP, production manager, Actor, Director and Producer. This has given him unique perspective, technical process and production development.


    You will learn:

    • How to capture the perfect photo and cinematic video

    • What equipment and drone is right for you

    • How to edit your data to give your customers the best deliverables

    • Best practices in flight planning and data capture


    • Know to capture the perfect photo

    • Know how to capture the perfect cinematic video

    •Understand which drone is right for you

    • Understand what equipment you need: polarising filter – lenses – memory cards – camera sensors –  UV filter – drone case / bag – hard drive – computer – handheld gimble

    • Editing:  Basics of Adobe Photoshop / Adobe Premiere / Adobe Final Cut Pro


    • Learn how ISO, shutter speed and aperture contribute to successful aerial photography and videography.

    • Learn more about filters and how / when to use them in different scenarios.

    •  Learn how to use filters to provide the best possible data to your client.

    • Learn the best practice in postproduction.

    More specifically you will become confident in:

    • Aperture – shutter speed – exposure – iso – types of shutter – rule of thirds – aspect ratio – bracketing – panoramic shots – 360 shots – chromatic aberration – composition / orientation / framing – HDR – image formats (jpeg/raw/1080p/4K) – sensor size – megapixel- metering / zebra – negative and positive space –  white balance- pal / NTSC – white balance – focus/ focus peaking – dolly zoom + more.