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OFQUAL Level 5 Award – Online Course

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    Product Details

    This course can be completed entirely online at COPTRZ Academy

    We are proud to provide the Level 5 Award for Commercial Drone Operations, in conjunction with OFQUAL approved Awarding Organisation TQUK. Developed by some of the most talented and experienced unmanned aircraft instructors in the world, it delivers the following:

    • An approved and audited professional qualification

    • A clear CPD pathway

    • Clarity and benchmarking for employers

    • Heightened safety for organisations and pilots

    • Increased job prospects for employed pilots

    • Increased chances of winning projects for service providers

    • Potential lower insurance costs


    What you’ll cover on the OFQUAL 5 course:

    • Managing the deployment of Commercial Drone Pilots

    • Management of Flight Log Records

    • Managing the audit and maintenance of on-site equipment

    • Planning and operation with an Operational Safety Case (OSC)

    • Planning and operation with Extended Visual Line of Sight (EVLOS)

    • Planning and operation with Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS)

    • Planning and operating safely in congested areas


    Meet your Trainer – Nigel Breyley

    The course creator and trainer Nigel Breyley is a highly experienced Pilot and Flight Operations Manager who now specialises in BVLoS Commercial Drone Pilot Training. Nigel has developed a rigorous 3-day online course covering operations tracking for drone operators undertaking complicated inspections or extensive surveys using UAVs.

    Nigel explains OFQUAL 5 is “Suited to organisations with a team of drone operators where one individual is in a leadership role looking to develop their skills and confidence in order to lead a team of drone operators. The course suits operators piloting multi-rotors up to 20kg and fixed-wing aircraft”.


    Here’s what our graduates say about the OFQUAL Level 5 Award
    Adrian Charters, Director Geology, Survey & Air Operations, Land and Minerals Consulting 


    Kevin Maunton, Drone Pilot, The Sky Cam

    The commercial drone sector is a very new and dynamic sector. The growth is forecast to be exponential over the coming years and with it is a need to provide Continuing Professional Development or CPD for those operating within the sector beyond the standard PfCO (Permission for Commerical Operations).

    The OFQUAL Level 5 Award provides a means of progression and a way to prove ones deepening knowledge and skill against a wider industry-recognised standard.  It provides a deeper insight and understanding of Operations and Safety Management for individuals responsible for UAV teams, and those looking to undertake more complicated mission planning.

    The OFQUAL Level 5 is available as a course for ex-miltary on the ELCAS scheme, click here to find out more about how to access your ELCAS credits to train as a Commercial Drone Pilot.



    Learning outcomes

    By the end of the course the student will be able to apply the acquired knowledge and skills to;

    • Identify sources of information and analyse information relevant to SUAS operations
    • Identify hazards, assess risks and manage threats through the application of suitable mitigations
    • Apply solutions to common problems encountered during the conduct of SUAS operations
    • Effectively manage the deployment of personnel and equipment to conduct SUAS operations
    What you’ll gain by taking the OFQUAL 5 Award
    • An accredited and audited professional qualification
    • A clear CPD pathway
    • Clarity and benchmarking for employers
    • Heightened safety for organisations and pilots
    • Increased job prospects for employed pilots
    • Increased chances of winning projects for service providers
    • Potential lower insurance costs

    The course is delivered online on COPTRZ ACADEMY using live webinars, assignments, tests and other engaging learning tools. The course concludes with a written test to gauge the participants understanding of the assessment topics.

    The course contains 3 main threads, concentrating on Operations Management, Operational Safety Case Planning, and Human Factors and Airmanship. Candidates should hold or have held a Permission for Commercial Operations or a Permission for Aerial Work.

    1) Operations Management

    To work at a higher level, candidates will be introduced to a more complex level of Operations Management, covering record keeping – Pilot’s Log Books, Air System Records, Reporting requirements, Deployment Planning, and Risk Planning & Incident Response. Critically, candidates will be given an in-depth opportunity to discuss and develop their understanding of Operations Management in aviation, and gain a thorough knowledge of the factors involved.


    2) Operational Safety Case Planning

    The course covers Operational Safety Case Planning and examines Safety Management Systems; including the necessary organisational structures, accountabilities, policies and procedures.  It looks at the different elements of the OSC and SORA approaches as part of a comprehensive set of lessons aimed at increasing the attendees’ awareness of this vital topic.  Students will learn to conduct a hazard analysis along with creating a risk assessment and learning to identify suitable control measure (mitigations) for unmanned operations.


    3) Human Factors and Airmanship

    This element of the course will examine the vital role of the human in unmanned operations through studying topics such as situational awareness and perception.  The course also considers the principles of a Just Culture,the creation of an Error Management System and the benefits which they can bring to an organisation.



    The educational standard of an OFQUAL 5 is equivalent to that of an HND or the second year of a bachelor’s degree.


    The OFQUAL Level 5 Award is for any Commercial Drone Pilots who currently hold a PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operations) or who have held one before. The course is relevant across multiple sectors:

    • Any pilots who manage pilot a team – Chief Pilot, UAV Lead, UAVUAV Project Manager
      Site Manager, Chief Engineer, Aerial Survey Specialist, Drone team lead, UAV team lead
    • Public Safety – Police, Fire Service, Search & Rescue, Defence
    • Surveying, Construction and Geospatial
    • Education – Scientists, researchers, data analysts
    • Industrial Inspection
    • Media – Photographers, Videographers

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