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PfCO & OFQUAL 4 Accreditation Package

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    Complete your Ground School Training all online, once you’re ready, book your flight test at one of our 11 Flight Test locations. 

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    To operate a drone commercially in the UK you need to gain a Permission for Commercial Operations from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). The COPTRZ CAA Drone Training Course will allow you to gain the full up-to-date package of skills, knowledge and experience needed to apply for your Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) from the CAA. (otherwise known as a drone licence).

    Our fully approved CAA Drone Training Course is available at COPTRZ Academy, our Continual Learning Platform and Training School. You can complete all the Ground School modules required by the CAA and once you have enough drone flying practise under your belt you can book your flight test at one of our 11 locations throughout the UK.


    How can I book onto the course?

    Option 1 – Book your full course for £599 + Vat that’s your Ground School Training and Flight Test.

    Option 2 – Start off with your Ground School Training which can be completed entirely online for £350 + Vat then when you’re ready, book your Flight Test for £250 + Vat

    Option 3 – If you are current or ex-military our courses are available to enrol on using your ELCAS Credits, find out more here. 

    Option 4 – Combine the PfCO with one of our specialist training courses, choose from the OFQUAL 5 or our Commercial UAV Surveying course for your training stack:



    This course is for anyone wanting to operate a drone commercially whether that’s on behalf of an organisation or as part of your own business. The use of drones is incredibly broad and covers but not limited to the following sectors;

    • Telecommunications
    • Energy and Utilities
    • Emergency Services
    • Military
    • Industrial Inspection
    • Retail & Warehouse
    • Science & Research
    • Media & Photography
  • FAQs

    Should I wait until the new regulations and classes come in?

    There is no need to wait until the new GVC and A2 CofC classifications start which has been delayed again until 31st December 2020. The PfCO is perfectly-recognised in the industry and will still be valid from 12-months from the date you are qualified until you renew your permissions and convert it to either the GVC or CofC later on in 2021. Find out more here. 

    What do you recommend as a starter drone?

    For the Media sector so film and photography Coptrz recommend a Mavic 2 Pro. However, if you’re looking for a drone that will cover you also for survey and inspection applications then you should look at the Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual or a Parrot ANAFI Thermal. Check out our Business Starter Packages for more information.

    How much is Drone Insurance?

    You can get Drone Insurance from as little as £23 per month depending on the level of cover you need. Head here to find out more and see which insurance providers we recommend:



    Do I need to be a qualified Surveyor or Asset Inspection professional to work in these sectors as a Drone Service Provider?

    No. You do need to invest in some additional training so that you can understand what your clients are trying to achieve, then your role is to help your client capture that data by operating the drone. With anything the more you know and the more you can understand your clients’ needs you are more likely to win work and retain clients.

    For example if you are looking to get into the Survey sector check out this online course:




Want to access the Survey Market with your Drone Services?

Combine your PfCO with our Commercial UAV Surveying Course

If you’re serious about expanding your drone service capability, this online course has been developed for you.

Created by the leading light in UAV surveying James Dunthorne, the course covers all aspects of surveying and mapping using drones.
The course is aimed at professionals working in Surveying, Civil Engineering, Groundworks, Construction and Drone Service Providers wanting to access survey work.

Watch our short interview with course creator James Dunthorne on the link below for a taster of what to expect.



To fly a drone commercially in the UK you need to gain a Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) by enrolling on a CAA Drone Training Course.

On 31st December 2020 the PfCO will be replaced by a new certificate and regulations, why we wait for these to come into effect the PfCO is perfectly acceptable to attain to start operating as a Commercial Drone Pilot. Once your Permissions expire after 12 months you be able to easily transition your Permissions into the new certifications, so there is no rush to transition your permissions or to wait until July to start your training. 

Daniel Wilson, COPTRZ Head of Training




Head Drone Trainer Dan Wilson



“Thank you to everyone at Coptrz for helping me through the process of gaining my PfCO. I had my flight test with Harry who is a credit to the team and I am pleased to say that I passed. Coptrz have a great team that are very easy to work with and your course materials and Webinars are excellent.You all made the whole process a total pleasure from start to finish.”

Skytech Photography Limited



Daniel spent 7 years in the British SAS Reserves, delivered the world’s highest video broadcast to the BBC on the summit of Everest, cycled for Great Britain and currently works with the world’s top outdoor and cycling brands to capture the most extraordinary places on the planet.