Refunds & Returns - COPTRZ

When you buy from COPTRZ, and you are a consumer, you have the legal right to cancel and return the items that are unused.

The time period for this is 14 working days after you receive the product. You can cancel within those 14 working days (not Saturday, Sunday or Bank Holidays) after you, or a person identified by you to take possession of the item. The customer will pay for the shipping back to COPTRZ, however, COPTRZ will help where possible to reduce the cost for you, the customer.

Any items that are used and damaged from usage are not covered by this clause.

If you would like to return an item, please fill out the form below to log your return and a member of COPTRZ support team will reach out to you to arrange return and refunds.

If you do have any issues that you would like resolving before returning an item, do call COPTRZ on 0330 111 7177 or contact us.

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