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The QuestUAV Q-100 DATAhawkAG flies with the same reliable airframe as it's surveying sibling.

The high resolutn camera package is switched for the MiceSense RedEdge or the Parrot Sequoia multi-spectral sensor, depending on your exact requirements.

The UAV in this configuration displays a superb capability for agricultural surveying, crop health indices generation and large-scale plantation management teams.

AirDock Launch System: Launch procedures benefit from an enhanced safety provision. AirDock gives reliable operator to airframe separation.

A ruggedised transportable design sets a new standard for high reliability, fixed-wing mapping UAV's. Pack-to-Flight-to-Pack time is meaured in mere minutes.

Multispectral DATAhawk images can be translated into valuable indices and farm maps, like the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI), as a basis to identify crucial agricultural information on crop status, diseases, plant desity, water stress and the impact of chemical and biological treatments. Useful outputs include:

  • Topographic maps
  • Soil erosion assessment & modifications
  • Drainage designs / Field layouts
  • Infrastructure maps
  • Vegetation indices / Growth monitoring
  • Plant counting / Density / Canopy gaps
  • Diseases indentification
  • Impact of chemical / Biological treatments
  • Temperature and moisture
  • Water issues and irrigation systems
  • Acquisition of data for insurance claims

There are several options to process your multispectral images and creates useful reflectance-calibrated far mosaics - cloud bases processing servces and workstation-installed software products.

QuestUAV trains customers on multispectral image processings (Pix4Dmapper Pro or Agisoft Photoscan software) and farm related image analysis.


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