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This package includes:

  • CAA PFCO Course
  • Business Module
  • Pix4D Certification Course
  • 1 Month Pix4Dmapper Pro Licence
  • DJI Inspire Pro
  • Personal Inspection Skills Flight Training


In order to fly your drone as a commercial venture, you need permission from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA); to get that permission, you need to take a CAA course. Many courses are available throughout the UK, but these usually offer only basic training. The COPTR CAA PFCO course is different.

Our course isn’t just about getting you a piece of paper that says you are allowed to fly. We believe in giving you the information you need to make the most of the business opportunities offered by drone technology, and in helping you to become an expert drone pilot.

The course is held at bespoke training centres in four locations: Sheffield, London, Brighton and Glasgow. Our classes are deliberately designed to be small, maximising your 1-2-1 tuition time, and our course tutors are among the most qualified players in the UK aviation and drone sectors, so you can be sure you are learning from the best.

The training is delivered in a friendly, engaging setting, and is designed to help you see the full potential of drone technology. We don’t just cover the basics of drone operation; we also give you the tools you need to help your drone business to lift off; from finding customers to dealing with potential problems that come with commercial drone operation. By the time you’ve completed this course, you won't just have permission to fly - you'll be ready to make your business lift off!


Pix4D is the premium software used by commercial drone operators in a range of sectors, from agriculture to construction. It’s the perfect software solution for commercial drone users, enabling you to create accurate 3D maps from drone flight data.

COPTRZ are proud to be the only UK provider licensed to provide Pix4D Certification and training workshops, and our exclusive two-day Pix4D course is a valuable part of the Lifetime Career Masterclass Package.

This course teaches you how to use this premium software to make advanced georeferenced maps, how to develop precise replica models from images taken by drone, and how to employ cutting-edge techniques that will give you a clear competitive edge.

The course is delivered by one of the UK’s leading Pix4D experts and packs in everything you need to use this innovative software: from an outline of the many applications of Pix4D to a hands-on practical session allowing you to get to grips with the package. It’s a comprehensive learning experience delivered in a positive, energetic style, and it is the only course in the UK that offers you an official Pix4D Certification upon completion.


Perhaps the most exciting part of the Lifetime Professional Career Masterclass Package is this ready-to-fly, state-of-the-art system. The DJI Inspire Pro is an upgrade on the DJI Inspire V2. It is a flexible, lightweight drone with a range of dynamic, cutting edge features. Fitted with a Zenmuse X5 camera and gimbal, featuring a Micro Four Thirds CMOS sensor, this drone system gives you the very highest quality all round video images, which are perfect for surveillance or inspection work.

The DJI IMU technology makes it easy to fly and the autopilot function gives you peace of mind if the batteries are low. The DJI Vision System also means you can fly it safely indoors and the movable carbon fibre arms allow an unrestricted camera view. The DJI Inspire Pro also comes with a full UK warranty, and all the accessories you need to maintain it.


The Lifetime Professional Career Masterclass Package also includes a superb personal inspection skills flight training course. This training is designed to help you to develop the particular flight skills that you need in your chosen area of drone operation, enabling you to operate your drone with confidence and help your business to take off.

With all of these great features, the Lifetime Professional Career Masterclass Package really is the total drone solution, and will help to launch your business into the drone age.


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