PiX4D Training Courses - COPTRZ
Webinar: An expert introduction to Pix4Dsurvey and Pix4Dmapper
Tuesday 7th April 10:00 (GMT)

Join us online for an expert introduction to Pix4Dsurvey and Pix4Dmapper by Pix4D’s Andrew McIntyre and COPTRZ’ George Burne.

If you’re an individual or organisation interested in using drones for Aerial Surveying and learning about 3D Mapping using Pix4D software then make sure you register your place.

PiX4D Mapper for Beginners

The COPTRZ 2-day Pix4D training crash course will give you a thorough and deep understanding of Pix4D mapper.

Pix4D Mapper - Essentials

PiX4D Mapper Essentials is a two-day course run by PiX4D’s technical trainers and aims to give beginner users in PiX4D Mapper a complete crash course.

PiX4D Mapper - In-depth

This in-depth workshop will give you a more in-depth understanding of PiX4D including data management, ground control points and creating point cloud samples.

PiX4D Software

Interested in a free trial of PiX4D Mapper? We have Monthly, Annual and Lifetime licences available, get in touch for more information.