Pix4Dmapper Pro 2.2 - Educational / Non Commercial

The program is highly useful in a range of different educational and scientific applications. Pix4Dmapper takes multispectral images and converts them into highly detailed 2D and 3D maps for a wide variety of purposes. The process of creating the maps is fully automated, allowing the users to generate useful results with a single click. At the same time the maps are customisable to facilitate the creation of whichever particular diagram is needed for a specific task.

Pix4Dmapper comes equipped with both a RayCloud editor and a Mosaic editor. The first of these functions allows the user to measure features and assess quality to refine their projects. The second allows for the creation of pixel perfect orthomosaics. There is also an Index calculator that compares measured reflectance to indices in order to assess the state of plants. This is chiefly used for precision agriculture.

The outputs that can be generated from the program include 3D point clouds. These are of comparable quality to those generated by a laser scanner, but can be created using a consumer grade camera. 3D textured models can also be created, with photorealistic textures that help an audience to visualise a particular scene.

Pix4Dmapper can create true orthomosaics to help users to visualise geographic data. It can also create accurate, georeferenced digital surface models. These show elevations to help show the results of a geographical survey. Finally, it can create NVDI maps to show the health of crops as revealed by their reflectance or absorbance of light.

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