Drones can give us a whole new perspective of the world, but we need the right software in order to realise the full potential of this technology.

Pix4D is advanced photogrammetry software that uses images in order to create professional orthomosaics, models and point clouds. If you have invested in a drone and want to get the most out of its capabilities, learning how to use Pix4D and maximise its functionality could be key - and you can now take advantage of the UK's only Pix4D workshop, operated by Coptrz.

You will receive a schooling in how to marry photogrammetric principles with the powerful editing tools provided by Pix4D, taking your drone use to another dimension. The communication of world class expertise will allow you to achieve a new level of accuracy when it comes to results from a camera. The tailored two day workshop will help you to master Pix4D, which often makes the difference between amateur and professional drone use. 

Whether you are a public organisation such as a police force or local council, a research body based at an academic institute, or a private drone user who wishes to open the door to a fascinating view of your surroundings, our Pix4D workshop can give you the tools to reach your specific objectives. Just call +44 (0)1709 599 458 and speak to us to discover how you can gain the insights you are looking for with Pix4D.

You can get a head start by taking a look at the Pix4D tutorials on our support site.

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