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PIX4D accredited

Location: Highfield Park Hotel, Hook, Hampshire

In partnership with our reseller Coptrz we are organising a Pix4D User Workshop in Hook, Hampshire.This workshop is dedicated to professionals using photogrammetry, orthomosaics, 3D modelling and UAVs in their practice. During this in-person training, you will learn how to create accurate maps and models, as well as improve your results.

This workshop is dedicated to professionals using photogrammetry, orthomosaics, 3D modelling and UAVs in their practice. During this in-person training, you will learn how to create accurate maps and models, as well as improve your results.

Kickstart your workflow by learning about Pix4D's recommended best practices when capturing and processing your imagery.


After completing the training you will be able to:


  • Design the best flight plan for a perfect image acquisition workflow
  • Extract the powerful benefits of our hybrid solution (mobile + cloud + desktop)
  • Improve your results
  • Identify best practices and share results with your stakeholders


Tuesday, November 14, 9:00 - 5:30 PM


  • About Pix4D: overview
  • The theory of photogrammetry: from images to 3D points
  • What can be obtained using Pix4D software: the outputs
  • Compatible third-party software
  • How to share results
  • Georeferencing, project accuracy, and ground control points
  • Best practices for image acquisition


  • Creating a new project in Pix4Dmapper Pro
  • Step 1: Initial processing and processing options
  • Step 2: Point cloud and mesh and processing options
  • Q&A session


Wednesday, November 15, 9:00 - 5:00 PM


  • Pix4Dcapture: workflow and demo
  • Precision agriculture
  • Hardware recommendations
  • How to improve the processing time
  • How to handle large datasets
  • Analysing and interpreting the quality report
  • Future plans


  • Step 3: DSM and orthomosaic and processing options
  • Merging projects


1) Who is the course for?

The course is for anyone wanting to use modelling and mapping software as part of their business offering. Whether you're a one-man startup as a drone pilot seeking to expand your skills, or a top tech whizz seeking to offer a niche service to aerial imaging companies, the Pix4D workshop is ideal. If you are brand new to Pix4D, you might find our 1 day Pix4D workshop helpful for an introduction into the 3D Mapping software.

2) What do the course fees include?

You'll be fully refreshed with tea and coffee throughout the day, as well as a tasty lunch!

3) Is accommodation included in the course fee?

This is a day course only so accommodation won't be included in the fee. We can help you find a nice hotel near to the venue, though, so if you're stuck get in touch!

4) What do I need to bring?

You can leave your drone at home! However you'll find that your laptop will be required - and remember the power cable for it too.

5) Do I need internet connection?

You don't need internet to process on our software, but you do need it to download the software the first time, log in and to have the maps loaded.  We recommend that clients turn up ready to go: software downloaded and installed from the website (https://pix4d.com) and with a working license (either your own or a free trial from us). If this is organised as well as possible in advance, it will save problems and time on the day.

Need help to justify your trip to Pix4D 2 Day Workshop?

At Pix4D 2 Day Workshop, you will receive a full comprehensive learning experience, along with official Pix4D accreditation.. That not only makes you more productive and valuable in your job, but it provides insight and information you can share with your whole team when you return. Below you’ll find our top 5 reasons for attending:

Top 5 reasons for attending Pix4D 2 Day Workshop:

1. Stay on the cutting edge of industry trends

Pix4D 2 Day Workshop will address all the latest industry developments in the 3D Mapping sectors as well as the latest developments with the Pix4Dmapper Pro software.

2. Gain topic-specific expertise

The wealth of information and knowledge that you can gain at the Pix4D 2 Day is extraordinary. The workshop will cover the basics of the Pix4Dmapper Pro software. Sessions include: Pix4dmapper applications, From Images to 3D points (theory), Georeferencing and accuracy, Flight planning with Pix4D, File outputs, Processing demonstration and processing options, to name a few. You will also gain knowledge from our hands-on sessions, putting you in the driving seat.

3. Unrivaled expert speakers

We have a number of professionals who work with Pix4D as well as our own speaker who is UK Pix4D trainer. As we are the UK Pix4D partner, you will gain official Pix4D accreditation.

4. Develop your professional network

Bringing together a host of people that use the same software with a brilliant example to develop your relationships within the industry.

5. Return on investment

Attendees at Pix4D 2 Day Workshop will gain knowledge and understanding that can have a positive impact within their company. Not only will you develop skills to improve your company's bottom line, but you will also grow your experience within the 3D Mapping industry.


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