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The drone industry is growing at an exponential rate, and more and more companies are using drones to do good, and to provide invaluable services. However, there are some who misuse drones and threaten companies, infrastructures and major events. This is why we have designed a mobile drone detection service to provide you with maximum protection from the misuse of drones.

Drone detection as a service

COPTRZ can provide your organisation with the total solution for drone detection. Our D-DAAS service can protect you from the growing threat that the misuses of drones offers. COPTRZ provide the complete solution to detect, log and alert any potential drone threats. There are two types of services that you can benefit from:

Mobile deployment service

Major events like music festivals and sporting events are seeing a growing threat from drones. COPTRZ will deploy onto any type and size of the site with self-contained mobile units that carry an array of technologies designed to work together to provide an unparalleled level of detection information and ranges.

With highly developed protocols our detection teams will seamlessly integrate with your command system to provide you real-time data on the make of drone (in many cases even its serial number), the take-off location and the current position of the operator/pilots.
In June 2018, COPTRZ successfully deployed their D-DAAS mobile deployment service at the British Formula 1 Grand Prix and identified and located drones that were flying without the necessary permissions.

Permanent Installed Service

In facilities that require a permanent 24/7, 365-day service – COPTRZ can provide a holistic service that includes installation, equipment lease, remote and on-site service/maintenance plan, training and/or manning of the equipment.
The D-DAAS permanent installed service avoids CAPEX and ensures that you continue to have the very best detection technology to provide your sites with maximum protection.

Watch: COPTRZ Deploy D-DAAS Solution at the Formula 1 Grand Prix

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