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Drone technology could be a game changer for your business, but where do you start? Whoever you are, whatever your industry, we can help. We’ll build a bespoke strategy to achieve your goals, including expert consultancy, drones, software, lifelong training, drone pilot hire and ongoing support.

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Coptrz are commercial drone and Pix4D experts

Change the world using drones. Coptrz are here to help you realise the potential that commercial drones can add to your business. The applications are never ending, with new reasons to fly a drone appearing every day. 

We are the only drone company in the UK to be DJI Enterprise partners, giving you more opportunities than any other DJI dealer based in the UK. On top of that, Coptrz is also the only official Pix4D UK Partner and will be hosting Pix4D UK workshops in London.

Our time with drones started many years ago in different industries, so you could say we know a bit about them. Being established within the unmanned aerial system community, Coptrz can provide you with everything under one roof. The team at Coptrz have grown their UAV knowledge to support drone pilots with supplying professional systems, providing CAA Training and also hands on flight training enabling you to be the best at what you do.

We also excel in supporting our customers and so Coptrz guarantee we will give telephone support for the lifetime of the product you buy from us. Just ask one of our team for our help. 

Commercial drones

We are passionate about helping businesses to realise the potential of commercial drones. To this end, we stock commercial drones of a sufficient variety to meet many different companies’ needs. More than that, however, we offer commercial drones that our team of tech visionaries have carefully selected with the aim of ensuring that you can choose from only the very best!

Our selection of commercial drones for sale has been influenced not only by our own years of expertise but also renowned suppliers that we work with and leading drone pilots that we speak to. Our intention is to provide strictly the most cutting-edge and practical drones.

DJI drones

If the iPhone is often considered the gold standard in the smartphone industry, DJI drones could often be considered a similar beacon of quality when it comes to drones. And, much like you can enjoy the best of both hardware and software with an iPhone, you can enjoy the best of many worlds when you choose from one of the plentiful DJI drones available. These drones nicely marry quality and affordability in a way that, The Verge has hinted, can attract the envy of much of the drones industry. DJI also brings out new products regularly – and our website is a great place for checking out a wide range of what this highly regarded company offers.

Drones from other brands

Other brands are also well-represented with the drones that your business can purchase through our website. Look at, for example, the Acecore Neo, an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that can be put to uses ranging from film-making to forestry.

There’s also the Aerialtronics Altura Zenith, which can withstand challenging conditions and be used for purposes including gas detection and radiation monitoring. Alternatively, you could consider the RPAS-VTOL, which integrates industrial reliability into a lightweight body weighing under 25kg.


Pix4D is an esteemed name in drone mapping software. Furthermore, as the only official Pix4D UK Partner, we are a great company to turn to should your organisation be seeking either Pix4D software products or training and workshops for educating on the use of Pix4D software. Feel free to peruse the Pix4D section of our website to see how we can help businesses, universities, non-profit organisations and non-governmental organisations.


There are several other types of drone training that we offer on top of this. Our website has abundant information about what those types of training entail. The options include our CAA Permission for Commercial Operation Course, or CAA PfCO Course. This not only teaches about flying a drone and provides aerial work permissions but also takes in aspects vital to the success of a drone business.

We also offer a Career Learning Package which includes a CAA PFAW Course, Business Module and Pix4D Certification Course – while, for even more sophisticated learning, we offer a Professional Career Masterclass Package, Lifetime Career Learning Package, and – right at the highest end – Lifetime Professional Career Masterclass Package. We are delighted to cover a broad array of bases.