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Grow your Drone Business with Mastermind


10:16 am GMT •

September 03, 2019

It’s time to take your earning power to the next level!

You’ve passed your training, you’ve got your PfCO qualification and you’ve started your drone business. Congratulations! But, now what?! You really want your business to take off and to make big changes in your businesses, but things just seem to get in the way, or hold you back.

That’s why joining a Mastermind Group can help you find the answers to your business problems to put you on the path of success. You’ve already invested in your business, now invest in your future. If you want your business to truly grow and scale, take it from others when they say you’ll never earn more than you learn.

It’s time to fly.


“No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind [the master mind].”

Napoleon Hill, “Think and Grow Rich”



What is a Mastermind Group?

A Mastermind Group is a peer-led mentoring concept. Business people from all walks of life form small, friendly groups so that they can learn and grow from each other’s experience, and by taking their honest, impartial advice. Your Mastermind host is Steve Coulson, founder and co-owner of the UK’s no.1 B2B drone sales and training company, COPTRZ, a multi-million-pound scale up with 100%+ year on year growth over three consecutive years.

When Steve first started his own business in the early 2000s he had little idea of what he was up against. Only by making countless mistakes and almost going under, Steve discovered that the more he learned, the more he earned. He didn’t do this on his own, he did it through the help and advice of business leaders and peers, and now it’s his turn to offer you the same opportunity to learn and grow.

Joining Steve’s Mastermind Group will significantly help you re-shape not only your business but also your life.  It’s an unrivalled opportunity to mix with your peers and to help each other in solving those problems that just won’t go away or keep you awake at night. For Steve’s full story read how he and Paul Luen started COPTRZ.

 ‘Energy, motivation, and commitment’


The core value of a Mastermind Group is the sheer amount of energy, motivation, and commitment it generates, along with the willingness to learn and grow together. Discover for yourself the group’s power each time the collective bar is raised; challenge yourself and your peers to form goals and objectives, brainstorm ideas and be unafraid of complete honesty, critical feedback but most of all, mutual care and support. We challenge you to now go above and beyond whatever you thought possible before by becoming a member of Steve’s Mastermind Group and then to collectively celebrate your goals being achieved.

‘Smashing powerful goals out of the park’


What do you need to bring to the Business Mastermind?


In joining our Mastermind Group you’re probably a determined individual and you’ll already be in good company. Most high achievers are members, or have been part of, a Mastermind Group in the past at some point during their business careers. Each one has been fully committed to actively contributing to their groups and in taking feedback. The deal is simple; your fellow Mastermind Group peers expect you to engage with, and to support them, and vice versa.

Honesty & Integrity

We all have one thing in common – to improve and smash our goals. That means we open up about matters we can’t speak of outside of the group. We confide with each other our visions, our plans and the challenges we face. Therefore, it goes without saying, we expect as mandatory, what’s said in the group, stays in the group. That way we can encourage complete honesty, maintain our integrity and preserve confidentiality.

Be prepared to give and receive feedback

Leave any ego at the door and embrace the group with an open mind. The success of the whole group is defined by the willingness of everyone to be honest with each other and to do that in a safe environment.


Benefits of joining a Mastermind Group

  • Generates new business ideas that you would never have thought of before.
  • Assistance with your business strategy and help making big decisions with input from the group
  • Improve your business cash flow, open up funding opportunities and increase profitability
  • Opportunities to learn and grow from other’s experience, skills and knowledge where they’re ahead of you in their journey, which you can then apply to your own.
  • Greater personal commitment to your goals as you openly share and are held accountable.
  • Instant access to a useful business network of people always willing to help and offer advice.
  • Positive influence on your mind-set through regular group interaction with driven and successful people.

Hear from some of our Mastermind Peers

Andy Brown, Kestrel Imaging Limited

Visit website


Ryan Hulse, Highvue 
Visit website
Jason Hinsley, Drone Works
Visit website


Membership Details

Why should I join a Mastermind Group?
  • C-Level peer-to-peer brainstorming, mentoring & accountability
  • Solve challenges, evaluate & accelerate opportunities
  • Learn new skills and refine effective strategies
  • Work on your business, not in it
  • Make better decisions
  • Gain different perspectives
  • Totally confidential and safe environment
What do I get?
  • Monthly roundtable meeting
  • Unlimited access to Steve & fellow masterminds
  • Vicarious learning from highly successful serial entrepreneurs
  • Your very own open & supportive peer group of like-minded executives
  • Full access to extensive SME business systems, processes, tools, IP & CPD
How much does it cost?

You can join the Mastermind Group on a lifetime membership for £1,500.00 or you can pay monthly for a minimum of three months on £195.00 per month.

Lifetime membership               £1,500.00

Monthly membership            *£195.00 per month

*Minimum of three months sign up and one month notice

Drone Mastermind


Your Mastermind Group needs you!

If you really want your business to take off then joining a Mastermind Group is a massive step in the right direction and will put you on the path of success. If you would like to know more about joining Steve Coulson’s Mastermind Group then get in touch with us on the form below.


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