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ELIOS 2 has revolutionised confined space inspections by making them safer, faster and more cost-effective

Watch our 30-min recorded webinar with UAV inspection expert George Burne to find out if this solution is right for you.


Want to make your inspections safer, faster and more cost-effective?

Drones are changing the face of inspection across multiple industries. You’ll already know the power of UAV’s for improving business efficiency or you wouldn’t be reading about the ELIOS 2.

✓ You’re in safe hands as COPTRZ are the UK’s only official reseller of the ELIOS 2

✓ We’ll make sure you get full training and ongoing support to operate with confidence

✓ You don’t need a PfCO as you won’t be operating in airspace

See it for yourself this October – December

We get it. The ELIOS 2 has to be seen to be believed – that’s why we are going to spend the next 3-months on a LIVE ELIOS 2 Roadshow visiting sites around the UK to demonstrate the ELIOS 2 in it’s natural habitat. Whether that’s inspecting a culvert, tunnel, wind turbine, gas tank, ceiling or warehouse. The possibilities are endless.

It’s so easy to fly we’ll even hand you the controller so you can operate the drone for yourself.

Don’t believe us? Book a demonstration at your site with George Burne our UAV Strategist and Industrial Inspection expert.

NOTE: George’s diary is already getting booked up so if you’re interested you’ll have to be lightning fast! 



“We work in a lot of dangerous environments; sending people up towers, inspecting areas difficult to reach and sending workers into isolated areas. With drones we can either prevent people working in these dangerous environments, or we can use the drone as a back-up and a support mechanism for the team that’s on the ground.”

Caroline Earnshaw-Florczyk Commercial Director

The ELIOS 2 has been engineered to reduce downtime, improve safety and lower the cost of industrial inspections.

“We’ve engineered the hell out of this” says Junio Palomba from Flyability. Hear what he and Coptrz experts have to say about the ELIOS 2 launched back in March 2019.




What’s included?

✓ Elios 2 aircraft with controller and case

✓ 9 Batteries in total

✓ 121 Handover and Flight Training on your site

✓ Lifetime access to Coptrz Academy

✓ Operations Manual Support

✓ £250 credit for AIVA, Coptrz cloud-based inspection software

Payment plans available

  • What kind of data can I capture with the ELIOS 2?

  • What is the flight time of the ELIOS 2?

  • Is the ELIOS 2 ATEX rated?

  • Can I fly the ELIOS 2 in Nitrogen?

  • How do you not get lost?

  • What are the benefits or the ELIOS 2?

  • How much does it cost?


Commercial Drone Suppliers


Wind, Tunnel, Culvert, Nuclear plants, Recovery boilers.

Commercial Drone Suppliers

Oil and Gas

Chimney, Offshore Rigs, Oil Tanker, Storage Tanks, Drilling Ships.

Commercial Drone Suppliers


Pipe Racks, Cables, Storage Silos.

Commercial Drone Suppliers


Open stops, Drop Raise, Conveyor Belt, SAG Mills, Stockpile Feeders, Crushers.

Maximise your inspection capabilities

✓  A spherical cage protects moving parts from impact, and stability is maintained through AI-powered lightning-fast corrections

✓  7 stability sensors ensure it can hover in place and navigate through unstructured spaces beyond line of sight

✓  Automatic distance lock function ensures smooth inspections of welding or beams

✓  With an overall dimension just below 40 cm (15.7 in) ELIOS 2 fits into standard manholes and can enter any space where an inspection is needed


Operate in challenging environments

✓    The most powerful and intelligent lighting system ever built on a commercial drone with 10’000 lumens of light

✓   Dustproof lighting allows you to traverse dirty places without losing sight of your objective. To reveal textures and identify defects the oblique lighting system shows you pitting, cracks or build-ups


Stream, record and create a 3D model using your data

✓  It’s data that matters. Dual thermal and a 4K camera side by side give you stunning detailed images down to 0.18 mm/px resolution to spot the tiniest faults

✓  Instant situational awareness in First-Person View (FPV) with Full HD live streaming

✓  ELIOS’ unique software lets you prepare your inspection reports on the fly. Once your mission is completed you will be able to further investigate captured data, create reports and produce 3D models of your assets



Raptor UAS

“We have invested in ELIOS 2 to enhance our inspection capabilities using this groundbreaking drone. Its clear vision and intelligent collision avoidance were of particular advantage to our operations. We also chose to work with COPTRZ who are a trusted partner in the commercial drone space.”

Ana Gamarra , Managing Director


Want to find out more about how to make your inspections safer, faster and more cost-effective?

It’s time for you to join our interactive live webinar with George Burne, the UK’s Leading Expert on using drones for Inspection. George will take you through everything you need to know about unlocking the potential of drones within your operations.

Save your seat now for the next available date. 


✓  ELIOS 2 Aircraft with integrated 4k camera, thermal camera and lighting features

✓  Hard flight-case with wheels and extendable handle

✓  Pre-programmed Light-bridge 2 controller

✓  Samsung tablet

✓  Two set of charging hubs and adaptors including international adaptors for overseas operations

✓  Three smart batteries

✓  A full set of spare pentagons

✓  Health and Safety book and Tool-case including cleaning equipment

Elios 2 - in the box


Your complete guide to adopting drone technology into your inspection workflows whether you are an organisation looking to improve business efficiency or you’re a Drone Service Provider who wants to work in the Inspection sector.

“Leave your details and I’ll get in touch to find out if the ELIOS 2 is the right solution for you.”

George Burne, UAV Strategist