Drones for the Emergency Services - COPTRZ
Drones for the Emergency Services - COPTRZ Drones for the Emergency Services - COPTRZ

  • February 11, 2020

Having worked with the public safety sector for over 3 years, I have helped a number of different emergency services departments to create tailored drone solutions to make their operations easier, faster, safer and more cost-effective.

These have included:

  • Devon & Cornwall Police
  • Dorset Police
  • Leicester Police
  • Air Accidents Investigation Branch
  • Kent Fire and Rescue Service

In this blog I will run through some of the amazing ways drones are being used within the Public Safety/Emergency Services, and let you know how you can get a closer look at the most up to date technology at our Live Drone Demo Day (Rugby, 5th of March 2020).

So, why are drones useful for the emergency services?
Thermal Imagery

Combining high-quality thermal imaging technology with the correct platform allows emergency services to search large areas in a fraction of the time – often in areas where manned searches wouldn’t be able to reach.

Find out more about Thermography within the Emergency Services here. 

Search and Rescue

Advancing technology allows real-time visual information and other location data to be transmitted to ground-teams so they can make fast and effect decisions from safety points. This makes search and rescue missions faster and requires less human resources.

Find out more about drones for search and rescue here.

Rapid Response 

Deployable in a matter of seconds, rapid response drones can spring immediately into action and provide quick and reliable insight into the unfolding situation through recorded photos and videos.

Find out more about rapid response here. 


Fast-mapping software solutions such as those developed by Pix4D provide rapid and reliable information during disasters or crisis, enabling the rescue team to make critical decisions faster.

Find out more about mapping within the emergency services here.

“What will I see at the Demo Day?”

I’ll be demonstrating the equipment and tools you can use for more effective practices within the emergency services, including our rapid response drones the Parrot Anafi Thermal and the Mavic 2 Enterprise, which will be put to the test in a live callout situation.

Not only that, we’ll have the largest range of commercial drones, cameras and software in the UK under one roof, allowing you to make more informed decisions, and speak to industry experts and others who have already adopted drones into their operations.

I’ve recorded this short video to explain why you should be there:

So what are you waiting for? – Register to attend the Live Drone Demo Day now at: https://www.coptrz.com/drone-demonstration-2020/

I’ll be available on the day for a few pre-booked consultancy sessions so if you want to discuss your individual needs and requirements or a particular solution in further detail, just get in touch HERE.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Sam Denniff – UAV Strategist – Public Safety