The vast world of utility management, communications, and the energy sector all have one thing in common: drones are revolutionising the way they operate. Drones significantly reduce labour hours, improve safety of working conditions, and slash operating costs.

At a time when utility and communications companies are increasingly under scrutiny for consumer-based costs, drones are an ideal solution to reducing operational costs to boost margins without a public outcry! Drones are perfect for large-scale, hard-to-reach, or long-distance inspections. Whether you’re checking your overhead powerlines or inspecting a sub station, looking for problems on a wind turbine or finding damage on a cellular antennae, a drone can do it for you. Check up on energy installations or figure out why your solar panels aren’t working with a quick, easy, and cost-effective drone inspection.

Keeping workers on the ground until they absolutely have to go up for maintenance has double benefit: they remain safer, and work is conducted more quickly. A single drone pilot and his UAV can conduct high-level and detailed structural inspections in a significantly reduced time than the traditional “let’s harness up and climb this bad boy” manual inspection.

Problems are identified quickly thanks to steady-hover GPS positioning technology, and HD cameras delivering real-time photos and video footage back to the ground team. Hotspots can then be targeted by the maintenance team directly, which hugely reduces the time (and therefore) costs involved with inspections and maintenance.

Want another benefit? OK, we’ll give you this: you’ll save even more thanks to more regular inspections. Huh? Save money by doing MORE work? Yep! Drones are very affordable, and the speedy inspections with reduced costs mean you can do more regular checks than before. This in turn will save you significant cash: you’ll identify concerns and small problems before they become big ones! Avoid disasters and huge maintenance works (and the related costs of required down-time) by using drones to regularly inspect your utilities infrastructure.

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