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How do you show off your assets? Drones! How to you inspect your properties? Drones! How do you create phenomenal, competitor-beating marketing content? … Drones! (You saw that one coming).

Drones are a fantastic addition for any real estate or property management company thanks to the potential marketing and sales generation, property security, and inspections and maintenance made possible by a UAV.

The cost of a drone is almost immediately offset against the increase in sales and reduction in labour hours required for property management. Where an inspection or security check could take several people a long time, a drone and single pilot can carry out the same work in a significantly shorter timeframe. It also improves the safety of your staff, as there’s no need to send people into high or dangerous locations for initial maintenance or security inspections.

The real bonus of drones for real estate, of course, is the fantastic opportunity to create stunning film footage and still photographs thanks to high resolution cameras with broad range – some even offer a full 360 degree view!

Aerial photography and film is a growing industry, and if you’re in real estate and not using a drone you’re missing out. The jaw-dropping angles and wide landscape sweeps previously only possible with the hire of a skilled cameraman and an even more skilled (and expensive!) helicopter pilot – and chopper, of course – are now within your grasp.

Now you can send up a drone and capture your property portfolio at its absolute best. Show off the surrounding area while you’re at it: you know that’s what buyers will ask you about. A drone allows for close-ups of high structural areas, wide landscape views, and flowing shots never before possible. Make a marketing show reel of your top properties with a drone and you’ll see your sales exponentially increase.

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