Drones are handy little critters when it comes to the transport sector. From delivering aerial overviews of potential or recent incidents, to power line inspections and infrastructure maintenance, UAVs certainly have their place in the transport industry.

Cameras fitted to drones are ideal for providing close-up inspections of hard-to-reach or dangerous areas for inspection purposes. No more risking your staff safety for inspections: a drone pilot remains in a safe area firmly on the ground while a drone carries out the legwork. Doing this can help identify problems much faster, cut service time and enable maintenance teams to get to the exact spot immediately for repair – again, reducing down time and labour hours.

Drones can also be used in the planning process of new transport link developments: survey the surrounding area with topographical drone software to make the best of the landscape and avoid potential areas prone to marsh or erosion. An aerial view can deliver a clear and comprehensive map of construction developments, too, and site progress can continually be monitored during a build process.

Still not convinced that drones in the transport sector are worthwhile? Keep reading for plenty more reasons why you need one!

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