The remote locations and difficult conditions on offshore installations are being revolutionised by modern commercial UAV technology. From live flare stack inspections, tank inspections, rig leg and other infrastructure monitoring allows drones to come into their own.

With the heavier lift platforms in the COPTRZ stable of commercial drones, suddenly essential equipment can be safely passed from OSV to rig. The rapid expansion of offshore windfarms has posed a real problem for preventative maintenance and now drones are taking to the skies from boats to inspect blades for signs of fatigue. Keeping crew safely on a rig by using drones for hazardous tasks means risks are lowered, costs are reduced, and tasks can be completed much faster.

The savings provided by the advances in maintenance operations, improved speed in risk assessments, and reduced safety equipment needs and costs, mean that the initial cost of a drone is quickly covered – and then some! Drones not only reduce labour hours of traditional human surveys, they also reduce the need for so many crew members: whereas an offshore turbine inspection would previously involve a costly shutdown and two or three men to inspect, a drone can carry out an inspection with a single pilot in just one day.

Specially designed multirotor packages from COPTRZ™ are equipped for hostile weather conditions such as sea spray and rain with an ability to work in fresh winds (35 mph).

In addition there are also unique ATEX options available for work in Zone 2 hazardous areas:

  • Offshore Wind Farm Inspections
  • Flare stack point inspections
  • Safer hull and tank inspections
  • Marine surveys such as ice monitoring
  • Survey of land for dredging operations
  • Fish stock and movement monitoring
  • Parts deliveries from shore to vessel, tender to the vessel or from offshore supply vessel to a rig without the need for crew transfer or expensive helicopter hire Maintenance inspections on rig infrastructure with real-time feedback
  • Emergency post-incident assessment, and search and recovery operations.

There are so many uses for drones in the offshore industry, it’d be crazy to NOT at least start the investigation with COPTRZ™ who can offer an array of best-in-class drones for the job. Drones reduce risk, speed up operations thanks to real-time video feeds enabling a plan of maintenance or recovery action to be immediately created, and can even speed up deliveries of essential parts to the vessel or rig.

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