The unique challenges of nuclear plants mean drones are ideal for inspection purposes in a whole host of applications. Drones reduce risk by keeping pilot and maintenance crew in a safe zone until they know exactly what needs fixing, and where. What’s more we will make choosing the right drone for the application simple - not like splitting the atom (sorry we couldn’t resist).

Using a drone also delivers much faster data than using humans. It can be launched in minutes quickly access difficult to reach, dangerous locations record and transmit data from various payloads such as HD cameras and thermal imaging equipment in search of corrosion or damage.Scaling up the payloads, gas detectors, LiDAR and radiation monitors are carried to provide pin-point monitoring when and where its needed.

As well as regular inspections, drones are ideal to have in your rapid-response toolkit to handle post-incident management and damage assessment. If something has broken / ruptured or split, a drone can be immediately launched to provide an overview of what happened, the damage caused, and any immediate risks or potential further problems created by the incident. Nuclear sites are sensitive areas and need to be protected from trespasses. Drones provide an essential tool in improving perimeter defences.

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