Mining and Quarrying

It seems strange that a predominantly underground industry uses drones – but it’s true! Drones are beginning to revolutionise the mining and quarrying industries. Across the entire supply chain, businesses are realising the multitude of ways that UAVs can deliver significant savings and improve process efficiency.

From raw material extraction right through to revenue-boosting marketing activities of new developments, from improved safety and security to increased quality standards, there are many ways drones are being used for mining and quarrying.

Drone uses for mining and quarrying include:

  • Preparation of high quality topographic maps and elevation models in a short period of time, surpassing the quality compared to traditional contour methods.
  • Video monitoring of the area of operation from higher altitude in order to capture a full 360 degree view of the whole site.
  •  Surveying and pre-planning before operations begin, drones can make simple measurements of the quarry area or calculate the volume of stockpiles using 3D imaging software.
  • Once blasting has been carried out drones can scan the quarry face to assess for any fragmentation or misfires
  • Quick identification of any irregularities, and environmental impact monitoring
  • Site safety auditing
  • Search and rescue operations
  • Site security
  • Heavy machinery can be checked via high-resolution cameras in a fraction of the time.

Want to know more about the specific uses for drones in mining and quarrying? (Of course you do!) Keep reading…

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