The insurance sector is one of the forward-thinking industries already using drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), to assist their business practices. And with good reason! Drones enable insurance companies to both create more accurate quotes in the first instance, and also act as post-incident assessors with increased accuracy and reduced time and risks.

A drone is able to carry a payload of several kilos, meaning both visible spectrum and multi-spectrum cameras (such as near infra-red and thermal imaging) can be fitted. A UAV will often provide a 360 degree - or at least wide panoramic - view of a property or incident, allowing for fast assessment. Footage can be recorded in the form of photographs and video, kept on file for later use in legal cases or for comparison of damage.

Drones enable insurance companies to save significant costs and risks in the case of catastrophes: whereas previously a mobile unit of loss adjusters would be sent to a site of disaster, now a drone and a single pilot can provide accurate feedback of a scenario in far less time and for far less money.

The accuracy of quotes can be significantly improved as video footage can be taken even of hard-to-reach areas, such as a high level roof, without requiring a physical inspection. Drones deliver high quality, high definition images which enable underwriters to fully assess an area without actually needing to attend to potentially hazardous locations.

Overall, drones in the insurance sector see reduced operating costs thanks to fewer team members required for each quote or claim, and improved efficiencies as evidence can be obtained much more quickly. More accurate quotes also ensure that insurance companies are providing a high level of customer service whilst mitigating risks against top level claims.

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