Drones are no longer just for military activities: they’re commercial ventures used across a plethora of industries from emergency services to forestry, agriculture to sporting events. Local government is ideally placed to implement and drive the use of drones in the management of council tasks as a cost-saving and efficiency tool.

From inspection of public buildings and roads through to town planning, the accessible aerial view and live footage provided by a drone is a cost-efficient way to manage current and future situations. You can immediately assess difficult situations such as tough traffic management scenarios, or reduce ongoing public maintenance costs by regularly inspecting roads, buildings, and rights of way without a large number of labour hours or ground time required.

A drone and a single pilot can carry out close-up inspections of hard-to-reach, hazardous, or large estates in minimal time and significant cost-efficiencies. Compared to the hours required for an on-the-ground survey by several inspectors, the drone can deliver real-time live feedback of high quality film footage and photos so you can develop action plans quickly and from a well-informed position.

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