Facilities Management

Drones are particularly useful for facilities and plant management thanks to their flexible uses and instant-launch aspect. Tasks that would normally take several hours or even days will take a considerably shorter amount of time with a drone: it can also help to cut labour costs as only one drone pilot is required compared to several people for a standard inspection.

Drones are able to deliver cost-savings within just a few uses, especially when implemented across multiple areas of a facilities management company. Examples of how a drone can be used in plant and facilities management include:

  • Building risk surveys and architectural inspections
  • Infrastructure and bridge inspections
  • Damage assessments
  • Landfill inspection and management
  • Utility monitoring
  • Gas monitoring and air analysis
  • Confined space and tank inspections
  • Insurance inspections
  • Land management
  • Area and plant security

Fitting a drone with specific equipment enables a multi-use aspect. Survey data is gathered with specialised cameras such as LiDAR, while inspections can be carried out with HD cameras delivering real-time live feed back to the ground team. Gas sensors can also be mounted to a drone for air analysis and gas detection services. The real benefits of using drones for plant and facilities management are:

  • Decreased time per task
  • Repeatable, verifiable data thanks to GPS plotted flights
  • Fewer people required for each task
  • Faster data collection to improve operational efficiency
  • Significant cost-savings
  • More frequent inspections (due to achieved savings) also reduce ongoing maintenance and repair costs - spot problems before they become major costly repairs
  • Improved security and insurance: regular inspections reduce risk

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