Detailed topographical surveys, repeatable data, poaching protection, pollution monitoring… the list is (almost) endless when it comes to using drones in the environmental and forestry sectors. The clear bonus of using drones for environmental monitoring and survey tasks is the significant time reduction: where a manual inspection or survey can take weeks or even months, a drone can cover the same area with more detail in a much shorter time. Something that might take days can take mere hours. It’s with this time saving that any environmental organisation would see a huge reduction in labour costs and significant improvements in operational efficiency.

Any survey can be repeated as many times as required, and multiple data types (such as land analysis, wildlife counts, and erosion) can all be overlaid on the same map thanks to GPS flight plotting. A drone can be launched within minutes, and fly the exact same route time and again. This is particularly helpful for delivering comparative data for chronological analysis.

  • There are many more uses for drones in the environmental and forestry sectors, including:
  • Forest fire detection, analysis ,and prevention: real-time planning in a fire incident, and future-proofing fire planning
  • Poaching deterrents: trace poachers and record footage for future legal pursuits
  • Tourism videos and photos: show off the landscape at its best to encourage visitors or create educational videos about environmental issues
  • Pollution and emissions monitoring: use sensors on the drone to analyse air quality
  • Forest health inspections: analyse the tree population with HD images to assess potential problem areas

Drones cover ground much faster than people, and can create replicable data in minutes time and time again – making survey operations much more simple and cost-effective. Still not sure you want a drone flying near your treetops? Keep reading!

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