Universities are a key boom area for drone usage, thanks to the multitude of applications the technology can provide to students, research projects, and marketing activities. Whether you want to use drones as part of your educational course, or build them and create the next generation of aerial engineers, there’s a drone for you!

The education sector has been quick to realise that drones are changing the face of industry, and that their students need to understand and familiarise themselves with the future if they’re to be successful upon graduation. Drones will be a part of so many businesses in the not-too-distant future, and any school, college, or university offering practical training of drones, integrating UAVs into their courses and lessons, will have a clear competitive edge in securing top-grade students.

Current and possible applications of drones in education include:

Archaeology 3D archaeological mapping

Geography – Using multispectral mapping cameras

Geology – Using HD cameras to observe rock formations in hard to reach places, recording costal erosion and even using LIDAR

Agricultural studies – Precision farming techniques, crop spraying techniques, herd management and observation

Athletics – Elite athlete analysis and the use of drones in sports science

Surveying / mapping – Teaching new mapping and surveying techniques using multi rotor and fixed wing

Environmental research – Utilising air emissions sensors to analyse pollution levels and photographic / video evidence of land / water pollution

Wildlife research – The ability to monitor wildlife from a distance without direct human intervention

Oceanography – Marine mammal monitoring, recovery of samples from the ocean or flora / fauna, recording of ambient oceanic data

Hydrography – Ranges from coastline surveys to bathymetry utilising LIDAR

Engineering – Provides a unique aspect of heavy engineering projects, production lines as well as the actual design and build of drones

Robotic – Robotics is the source of all drone design and the schools and universities will produce the drone creators of tomorrow to further enhance our world and life

Education institutions offering drones as part of their learning package will equip their students with future-proof skills that meet the new career opportunities arising thanks to the changes in technology and use of drones across all sectors.

Still not convinced? Take a look in further detail – we promise you’ll see plenty of ways you can use drones for your university!

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