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Buildings crafted by flying robots while we stand by and watch may still be a thing of the future - but drones are already an integral part of the construction industry and we'll be seeing increased usage as the years go on. 

Drones are used in construction for surveying and mapping tasks, as well as progress inspections and providing site security. A whole array of on-board high-res cameras and sensors available for instant close-up inspections of hard-to-reach areas, without the need for safety approvals, time to get to the maintenance area, and time for inspection reports. Everything can be done in real-time when it comes to assessment and inspection of construction sites and structures thanks to drones - delivering significant savings every time.

The vast array of drones available on the market can be confusing, especially when you're looking for something specific to use in construction. That's where the COPTRZ team come in: our specialist knowledge will help you pick the very best drone you need for your construction project or business. 

We recommend looking for a drone that:

  • Can produce data suited to developing 3D models
  • Is designed for survey purposes
  • Delivers stable real-time footage for inspections
  • Has high-resolution cameras suited to close-up inspections
  • Can re-create the same flight path consistently on a GPS route for chronological topographical surveys 

For example, surveyors already use high tech tools like LIDAR that is extremely expensive but works very slowly on the ground. A drone from COPTRZ can be fitted with a lightweight LIDAR and then fly in a grid pattern, utilising a LIDAR, photogrammetry, multi-spectral sensors etc. This obviously takes a fraction of the time of a standard survey process and saves thousands compared to traditional methods.

How can drones assist with construction site practices?

  • Site inspections – Close examination of high risk areas, and speedy overviews of large sites, freeing up time for other tasks
  • Health & Safety – Ensure site workers stay safe by detailed plans by task
  • High structure inspections – An easier method of inspecting cranes/towers/scaffolding and other high-up structures
  • Site planning – These plans and overview can be attained quickly and easily to support planning sessions
  • Progress inspections – Provides investors with proof of construction progress is matching finance releases
  • Detailed building inspections – Drones can provide high resolution images and video so building inspectors, project managers and architects can inspect work carried out
  • 360° panoramas – This can provide a detailed view of the site orientation and any potential hazards
  • Dynamic visualisation - Flagging potential impacts and issues that might otherwise be overlooked, e.g. large plant movement and arrangements
  • Live feeds – Beamed directly to a control room for certain inspection requirements for real-time decision making, saving time from errors, reducing previously unidentified risks (not sure this makes sense, I think just identifying new risks ?)
  • Site security – Theft and trespassing are both costly and dangerous respectively. Drones can both identify risks and also be a deterrent
  • Thermal imaging inspections  (monitoring the health of concrete works, hot spots in electrical systems / stations, thermal efficiency of buildings and HVAC systems)
  • Waypoint flying (allowing the UAV to fly the same path to create time lapse opportunities and comparative analysis)
  • Upward filming UAVs such as the NEO for the inspection of the underside of bridges, overhead structures, minimising need for cranes, scaffolding or workers with safety harnesses.

And remember, once your construction project is complete you're going to want to show it off! Drones provide an innovative way to deliver stunning film and still photographs to help your marketing activities and secure future contracts - yet another way drones boost business! Take a look at the TV & Film and Real Estate (These should be internal links to these pages) areas of the site to see how filming your construction projects can make a difference to future sales.

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