Drones have completely changed the TV and Film industry. If you’re not already using drones to capture stunning aerial footage, you’re way behind the competition.

Viewers expect continually impressive angles, flyover shots, and awe-inspiring landscapes. It used to be that you’d hire a helicopter (HOW expensive?!) and a daredevil cameraman to gather such footage.

Drones are now affordable, simple to use, and carry state-of-the-art visual equipment. Training a drone pilot on your crew will pay dividends: competitive footage, slashed operating costs, and a much wider variety of applications now within reach.

Aerial photography with drones isn’t just for production companies: oh no. What about tourism boards? Wedding photographers? Event promoters?

The broad application of aerial photography and film with drones means an investment of a UAV for your company makes commercial sense. Show off your business assets, deliver incredible footage, and wow your customers.

  • Choosing your drone can be complicated: nearly all of them have great visual equipment loaded on-board already. There are a few that stand out from the crowd, however: -
  • The DJI Phantom 4 has phenomenal AV equipment with tracking technology, crash-resistance, and a stable 3-axis gimbal for perfectly stable and smooth images
  • For beginners or those using drones occasionally, the DJI Phantom Pro is a slightly lower spec laden (and therefore more cost-effective) UAV that still offers high quality visual equipment and that all-important 3-axis gimbal and 4k camera
  • Production companies need a stable, resilient octocopter: head for the Zenith or Neo with its advanced range, flight time, and work-horse design. The Neo also has advanced top or bottom camera mounting arrangements

Keep reading for more ways you can use drone video footage to boost your business!

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