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Drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), are increasingly commonplace in the commercial sector - and are perfect for turning your marketing ventures into the coolest, sharpest, most engaging video advertising around.

Remote controlled aircraft, like the DJI Phantom series, allow marketers to really get ahead of the competition. Aerial footage has traditionally been the remit of large companies with bottomless budgets - but that's no longer the case! Compared to the usual aerial footage gathered by helicopter, drones make it easy to record high definition films at a fraction of the price.

Not only that, but the unique characteristics of a drone make for innovative shots: unlike helicopters, drones can get into small areas, closer to crowds, allows for indoor/outdoor continuous shots, and even swoop from ground level to sky-high in mere seconds! UAVs are quiet, unobtrusive, and have a small shadow footprint: there's a reason Hollywood blockbusters are using them more and more...

Creative use of visual media is increasingly important in any form of marketing and advertising: people are 80% more likely to view video than any other content type. These days, short attention spans and the increased use of smartphones, multi-device usage, and increasingly competitive market make video the best way to reach your audience effectively.

High definition cameras, and even future-proof 4K ultra-high definition cameras, are available on many drone models. The cameras are ideally placed, often on specially design gimbal systems, to provide the widest angle possible - even a 360 degree view on some models!

In terms of the flight action of a drone, it varies depending on the type. We recommend for marketing videos that a multi-rotor UAV is far superior to a fixed wing. The fixed wing versions are designed for technical work such as surveys, to fly long distances and capture niche information. However, multi-rotor UAVs are the best for high definition video, as they're designed for stable flight paths and higher speeds to track moving objects. Some mutli-rotor systems (those with more arms, such as the NEO hexacopter) are for serious stability in all weather conditions, while others are lighter and faster but are a little restricted in terms of wind speed tolerance.

When choosing your drone, it's important to consider three things:

  • How often you'll need to use it
  • The type of images you require (sports events, landscapes, rough terrain, marine environments etc)
  • The conditions in which you need to fly it (all weathers, some wind and light rain, or whenever it's sunny outside)

The budget drones are a great starter option if you have time on your hands to wait for ideal weather conditions and just want to supplement an already really cool marketing strategy with some exceptional visuals. The higher up the budget bands you go, the more stable, reliable, and ultimately cost-effective your drone will be - if you plan to use aerial footage on a regular basis.

Drones can be flown by any qualified pilot: if you're planning on using stunning visual content on a regular basis, it'll be well worth training a drone pilot on your marketing team to save you time and money in the long run! Take a look at our Training Services page to find out more.

Not sure how to work drone footage into your marketing plans? Never fear, we've got some suggestions below...

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