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We believe that who you’re trained by is just as important as the qualification at the end. Our industry-leading trainers have helped over 1,000 organisations to adopt drone technology.


Why Choose COPTRZ?

World-renowned suppliers

We work with multiple world-renowned suppliers enabling us to provide your perfect drone solution.

Expert Accredited Trainers

We are proud to have one of the most highly qualified teams in the country, having trained over 1,800 pilots for their CAA permissions.

CAA Approved Drone Training

CPD Certificate Included

We are a CAA Approved NQE #1216/2785 so if you sit the Coptrz PfCO course you'll get a free CPD Certificate.

Locations UK Wide

We provide our CAA drone training at 11 UK locations including Barnsley, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Hampshire, Belfast, Brighton, Rugby and Kent, Norfolk, Aberdeen and Leeds. We can also offer training at your organisation when training 5+.

PfCO Operations Manual

Ops Manual Support

We provide unrivalled operations manual support. Included with your course is a full day walkthrough and expert review prior to CAA submission.

Unrivalled UK Customer Support


You'll receive ongoing support with access to the COPTRZ Pilots group. A hub of like-minded drone pilots sharing advice and tender opportunities.

CAA Drone Training

Get the training required to apply for your Permission for Commercial Operations.

Business Starter Packages

Need a drone and training? Combine everything you need in one package.

Training & Workshops

You have your PfCO, what’s next?  Explore our industry-leading courses and workshops.

Speak to our experts

Our training specialists have the answers to all of your questions.

Dan Wilson

Head of Training, Coptrz

Dan has over a decade of flying under his belt and as well as flying drones commercially he now heads up the training at Coptrz. Dan commands a team of experienced trainers and often teaches the CAA Drone Training courses himself. As well as the PfCO courses Dan coordinates the workshops where you can spend 1-3 days advancing your knowledge on Thermography, PiX4D Mapping, BVLOS, Drone Photography and more.

Drone business success for Adam Watkin

We spoke to Adam Watkin from AeroMedia Wales Limited who started his business after taking our CAA Drone training course. Read on to find out about his experience and business success.

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