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Drone Pre-Flight Check List


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November 07, 2018

Before you take to the skies, it’s incredibly important to do those vital checks to ensure your drone is airworthy. Having a drone flight checklist handy also means you will never forget any of the equipment that may be key to your operation. This will allow you to avoid issues, that may ultimately lead you to crash your drone and ensuring its safety.

Drone Pre-Flight Checklist

Drone Pre-Flight ChecklistMission Planning

Before you undertake your mission, it’s incredibly important to set out your pre-flight plan. This includes ensuring your flight route is planned (apps like DJI GS Pro can be used to plan flights), and checking the weather prior to take-off. Weather can have a huge impact on a flight on the day of your mission. Make sure you understand the capabilities of your drone prior to flight (wind speed, IP rating etc).

It is key to ensure your firmware is up to date. This will minimise the likelihood of any issues occurring. You will also need to check you have the relevant permissions needed to fly in the area.

During final checks prior to flight make sure your equipment is in working order and batteries are charged. We would also suggest having a suitable first aid kit on site. Finding an appropriate take-off and landing area away from people is also recommended.

Drone Pre-Flight Checklist

Before you take flight there are a number of key things that you need to check. You will still need to monitor wind speed and weather because it is prone to last minute change, prior forecasting can be inaccurate. Make sure your safety kit is laid out, and you have fully completed your onsite risks assessment. You may need to update your pre-planning if it is required.

It’s important to have identified a secondary landing zone, just in case your primary landing zone becomes a hazard. Ensure your home point is also set, and people are well clear of the take-off and landing area.

Your aircraft and propellers also need to be inspected to ensure that there are no faults in your equipment.

We would recommend you always check your SD card is fully inserted. There would be nothing worse than landing and realising you have no data stored!

Our drone training team have a wealth of knowledge and will be able to answer any questions you have about our drone training programme. We can also advise on any further pre-flight checks or resolve any queries you may have. Feel free to call us on 0330 111 7177, you can email info@coptrz.com or use the form below to send any enquiries.

If you’re looking to get started with your own commercial drone business, download our free guide here that will give you all the necessary information you need.


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