Multispectral Cameras

Our drone mounted multispectral cameras allow users to analyse crops from the air and fine tune the amount of fertiliser or pesticide each plot requires. The end result is a better yield with less waste.

Each of the camera payloads can be mounted on to any drone. They are compatible with Pix4D image processing software. This allows the captured data to be quickly analysed and presented in an easy to understand format.

The Parrot Sequoia payload offers a cost effective solution for aerial crop analysis. It uses a multispectral sensor and a sunshine sensor to capture the amount of light that a plant absorbs or reflects. This allows farmers to quickly determine whether crops require more fertiliser or pesticides and to see how well they respond to irrigation. The payload also incorporates a GPS sensor to improve the accuracy of its readings.

The more expensive MicaSense Rededge has sensors for five different colours of light. This allows it to be set up for a variety of custom applications. It features serial, ethernet and Wi-Fi interfaces to allow it to be used in a range of different settings with different equipment and software. The payload's Downwelling Light Sensor measures ambient light to allow more accurate readings in all light conditions.

Both payloads allow users to accurately capture useful data about their crops. In combination with Pix4D software, this allows farmers to rapidly gain the information that they need to be able to take decisions that will improve their crops' performance.

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