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Drone insurance is one of the most important things you need to consider before flying your drone commercially. Without insurance, you can be stung by incredibly high fines – sometimes in the tens of thousands depending on the severity of the incident, and you run the risk of your commercial drone business being shut down.

At COPTRZ we partner with two different insurance providers: Cover Drone and Moon Rock. Each has their own benefits, which we are going to take you through below.


Coverdrone is a comprehensive aviation insurance product for the commercial drone industry. Their insurance solutions range from either 1 day to 1 year, and they have an incredibly competitive 48-hour case turnaround.

Their flexible policies are designed to meet different demands. You are able to select each cover as required to suit you individually. When paired with their competitive pricing strategy they aim to give you the best policy on the market at the least cost.

Follow this link to find out more about Coverdrone’s policies.

They offer a number of different policy options:

  • Coverdrone annual insurance
  • Flight Test & Training – 30-day policy covering your flight test and drone training
  • Daily insurance – you can purchase 1 to 7 days insurance, suitable for both commercial and recreational use.

Coverdrone drone insurance


Moonrock offered the first instant purchase policies for drone pilots, eliminating the laborious process of providing extensive information, and then having to wait for a callback or email response.

Moonrock covers offer the following:

  • Business continuity – In the event of an accident which requires your drone to be repaired, their policy gives you the ability to hire-in alternative equipment, so there are no disruptions to your business
  • Invasion of Privacy & Night Flying
  • Public Liability & Worldwide cover
  • Theft of drone and/or its accessories to the full amount
  • Compliant with minimum requirements of EC785/2004

Moonrock offers a variety of different packages at a range of prices, they have basic, standard, premium and deluxe packages available for you to choose from, at a monthly rate of pay.

Find out more about Moonrock’s drone insurance options here.

The key benefits of Moonrock insurance:

  • Their policies are all flexible. This gives the pilot the freedom to increase and decrease levels of cover for different job requirements and therefore keeps costs down.
  • All their direct debit and credit card payments are interest-free

Moonrock drone insurance

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do I need drone insurance?

If you’re flying your drone as part of a commercial venture, then you definitely need drone insurance.
CAA regulations require you to have an ‘adequate level of insurance’ before permissions are granted for you to become a commercial drone pilot.

Due to the somewhat vague wording of ‘adequate’, we would strongly recommend that you look into the full cover for your drone. This ensures your business is covered for the majority of eventualities, as many basic policies will only cover relatively low limits which may not provide all legal and replacement costs involved.

I’m a hobbyist, do I need drone insurance?

As a hobbyist pilot, technically, you don’t need insurance to fly your drone. We do however strongly recommend that you look into it because accidents and damage caused by your drone will be your responsibility. At the very minimum, we would recommend that you sign up to the British Model Flying Association, which provides you cover up to £25 million for both civil liability and personal accident claims.

As a commercial pilot, what happens if I don’t have insurance?

If you are a commercial drone pilot flying without insurance, you will face fines at the very least. If you flying causes damage to a property of people, you will be hit with huge legal costs and put your entire business at risk.

If you’re hobbyist flying without insurance you will be personally liable for any legal costs incurred from any claims against you. This could run into the thousands and tens of thousands, even for a relatively small incident.


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