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Do I have to have drone insurance?

If you’re flying your drone as part of a commercial venture, then you definitely need drone insurance. As part of the CAA regulations for your permissions to fly as an approved commercial drone pilot, you must have an ‘adequate level of insurance’ before permissions are granted.
Due to the somewhat vague wording of ‘adequate’, we strongly recommend that you look into the full cover for your drone. This is to make sure your business is covered for the majority of eventualities, as many basic policies will only cover relatively low limits which may not provide all legal and replacement costs involved.

I only want to fly my drone for fun. Do I still need insurance?

If you’re a hobbyist drone pilot, you don’t technically need insurance. However, we recommend that you do look into it because any accidents caused by your drone, including damage to property or people, will be your responsibility. At the very minimum, we recommend signing up to the British Model Flying Association, which provides cover up to £25million for both civil liability and personal accident claims.

What happens if I don’t have insurance?

If you’re a commercial pilot without insurance, you face fines at the very least. If your activities cause damage to property or people, you’re facing huge legal costs and you risk your entire business.
If you’re a hobby drone pilot without insurance, you may not be risking your business – but you will be personally liable for any legal costs incurred from any claims against you. That could run into the thousands, if not tens of thousands, for even a relatively small incident, depending on the ongoing after effect of the incident.

What should I look for in drone insurance?

You need to make sure your policy covers your drone weight class, for starters.

Other things to consider when choosing your drone insurance include:

  • Does it have personal insurance as well as civil liability cover?
  • Does it cover repair or replacement for your drone in the event of an accident?
  • What is the excess of the policy?
  • What are the limitations? (I.e, maximum legal costs, replacement cover etc)
  • What is not covered? (I.e., ‘acts of God’, ‘natural disasters’ etc)
  • Is this specific drone insurance or part of a general policy?

COPTRZ recommends

We work with a specific drone insurance partner. We do this because they understand the unique situations and incidents which come about with handling drones, whereas many other insurance companies will not be able to provide full cover, advice, or legal assistance when it comes to any claims made against you.
You can purchase cover for your drone to include all or individual policies below:
  • War, All Risks & Liability Insurance (full coverage)
  • All Risks Insurance
  • Third Party Liability Insurance
  • Products Liability Insurance
  • Privacy & Trespass Insurance
  • War, All Risks, & Liability Insurance
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