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The Threat of Drones is Real

Recent years have seen a massive advance in drone endurance, range and payload capacity whilst the price has also plummeted, leading to a proliferation of drones expected to reach 22 million by 2020.

Drones pose a significant safety risk at events, stadiums, airports and high-security facilities, as evidenced by the recent Gatwick Airport Drone Intrusion. With little or no countermeasures in place, security teams are perilous to the threat of drones when event boundaries are regularly breached.

Secure Your Surrounding Airspace

COPTRZ can provide a complete drone detection service to counteract illegal drone use, with specialist systems that can identify, track and successfully null the threat of drones within a 20km range of your venue.

Our highly-experienced drone detection team will operate alongside onsite security to provide you with a complete 24/7 solution to illegal drone use. With highly developed protocols our detection teams will seamlessly integrate with your command system to provide you real-time data on the make of drone (in many cases even its serial number), the take-off location and the current position of the operator/pilots.

Mobile or Fixed Solutions For Any Scenario

COPTRZ can provide mobile or fixed drone detection solutions depending on your security requirements. We will deploy onto any type and size of site with self-contained mobile units that carry an array of technologies designed to work together to provide an unparalleled level of detection information and ranges.

In facilities that require a permanent 24/7, 365-day service, COPTRZ can provide a holistic service that includes installation, equipment lease, remote and on-site service/maintenance plan, training and/or manning of the equipment.

Benefits of a Fully Managed Drone Detection Service

  • Complete identification of all drones within your surrounding airspace, 24/7, 365-days per year
  • Cohesion with your existing security protocols to allow real-time threat mitigation
  • Access to full data logs that can be used in court for evidential purposes
  • Access to market-leading detection sensors, ensuring that your facility is protected from every make and model of drone

Who Is This Suitable For?

  • Any large scale event or facility that could be targeted by illegal drone operators
  • Government and military
  • Events and festivals
  • Public events
  • VIPs and private property
  • Energy and utilities
  • Stadiums and Arenas
  • Airports

"COPTRZhelped ensurethat the British Grand Prixwasfreefromobtrusivedrones."

Organisers of the Formula 1 British Grand Prix had rightly identified drone use in the skies as an essential consideration to the safety of both spectators, drivers and staff.

COPTRZ deployed a four-man mobile drone detection team for the duration of the event and successfully tracked unauthorised UAVs within the boundaries of Silverstone.

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