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Drones are set for a huge uplit in the coming years, with the industry expected to expand beyond our wildest imaginations. Drones will be used more and more for complex jobs and will provide a far safer and cheaper alternative to current methods.

Here at COPTRZ, we are hoping to be able to help provide you and your business with expert consultancy to help keep you up to speed with the everchanging industry, and to help ensure you are doing everything safely and within the law.

Where can COPTRZ help?

Our consultancy team have a wealth of experience and expertise and are on-hand to help you and your business to keep up to speed with the industry. Our knowledge expands across a number of different sectors, industries and areas. So what areas can we help in?

Development and Acceptance Flights

COPTRZ can provide assistance to help you plan a proper flight test and evaluation programme to prove the performance of your UAV for manufacturers, or alternatively, an acceptance programme for potential users.

We are uniquely placed to be able to offer human interface design, operational feedback on payload integration and concept of operations guidance.

Our consultants have managed several demonstration programmes for BVLoS in the UK under CAA regulation, and have thousands of hours of flight experience, meaning we are very well placed to offer you the best advice for development and acceptance flights.


Based on the principles and the syllabus of manned aviation training, COPTRZ can offer a range of course options from beginner level to courses for more advanced pilots looking to further their knowledge and gain a better understanding of the industry. There are a number of unique requirements to safely fly a UAV, and we can provide those requirements.

The courses are modular and can all be adapted to meet your needs. The available courses are from the following:

  • BVLoS Pilot Groundschool
  • RPAS/UAS Human Factors
  • RPAS/UAS Safety Management
  • Introduction to RPAS/UAS Operations

Accident Investigation

UAV accidents are unfortunately common and finding the cause of them can, at times, become complicated. There are liabilities at stake and an investigation more often than not is a difficult topic to successfully complete.

COPTRZ offer expert independent investigation capability to insurers, manufacturers and operators alike.

Our consultants have experience conducting multiple unmanned aircraft crash investigations, so are best placed to offer you the best advice possible when conducting your investigation. They also have a knowledge of topics such as hidden autopilot behaviour and can advise you on poor human factor design issues.

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