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Real-time DJI Drone Detection System

The use of drones has grown exponentially in recent years. With the increasing number of drones taking to the skies, naturally, there is a growing concern for public safety, air traffic safety and privacy. In response, DJI has launched AeroScope, a purpose-built drone detection system, allowing an operator to easily track telemetry data from DJI aircraft in surrounding airspace of up to 20km. (12.5 miles). In effect, it’s a drone license plate detection system that provides airport security teams with the data required to be able to quickly and effectively protect against drone intrusion.

By intercepting the current communications link between a DJI drone and its remote controller, AeroScope is able to broadcast real-time identification information including UAV serial code, make and model, UAV position, speed, latitude and ground controller location. This allows the operator to take mitigation action against the drone threat and at the same time dispatch law enforcement/security teams to apprehend the pilot.

COPTRZ is are a certified supply, installation, service and training provider of DJI AeroScope. Contact us today to find out how AeroScope can help you significantly reduce the threat of illegal drone activity.


Detecting Drone Threats at Airports

  • Frequently asked questions

    What circumstances can DJI AeroScope be used?

    DJI AeroScope fixed and portable systems can be deployed in any areas at risk of illegal drone activity. It will ease drone safety concerns at various locations including airports, military facilities, stadiums, festivals and prisons to name but a few.

    Does the device have to be connected to the Internet in order to work?

    Fixed Yes – Requires Ethernet or WiFi dongle connection to enable the AeroScope system to send data back to the terminal.

    Portable No – Internet connection is not required.

    Do I need wi-fi or GPS connection to run the device?
    No. AeroScope is fully functional as a drone identification and tracking solution without any wifi or GPS connection required. However, the fixed AeroScope system needs a wired internet connection to transmit back to terminal.

    What data can we see on the device?
    Drone serial number, direction, speed, altitude, lat/long location, home-point, pilot location and model name (Phantom, Mavic, etc.). There are also two optional text fields that pilots can fill with text of up to 100 characters, such as a license number or name and contact information.

    Can the user decide which data to display?
    The basic information used to locate and identify the type of drone cannot be turned off. Two text fields that will eventually allow the user to broadcast personal information about their identity and their mission, are optional.

    Will the user be notified when his/her drone is being tracked while flying?
    No. There is no way for the system to determine whether any of the information it transmits is being received.

    Who has access to this data? Who has access to any stored data?
    The owner of the AeroScope receiver, typically a public safety agency or facility such as an airport.

    Will it work in any weather condition?
    The fixed version has IP67 protection which makes it suitable for outdoor use, in temperatures from -40 C to 55 C. The portable version’s case is provided by a third party and is waterproof.

    Can DJI AeroScope identify the pilot location?
    Yes. This will allow the authorities to find the pilot and ask questions about the operation. At first, this location will be represented by the home takeoff point, but in later versions will provide a live updated track based on pilot GPS location obtained from the mobile device paired to the RC and used to fly.



    DJI AeroScope fixed and portable systems can be deployed in any areas at risk of illegal drone activity.

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Fixed & Portable Solutions

  • Fixed and portable solutions available
  • IP65 rated for all weather operation
  • Lightning protected
  • Extreme temperature and humidity operation
  • Flexible for different coverage and different server deployment
  • Turnkey – installation, configuration, training and maintenance solution
AeroScope Software

Software Interface

  • Real-time monitoring
  • Flight historical data retrieve and playback
  • Escalating stage alarms to align with your security procedures
  • Extensive mapping and data logging options
  • Vastly improves site security against drone intrusion
  • Reduce man-hours needed for drone surveillance
  • Provides accurate data to act upon quickly and effectively

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    DJI AeroScope is a purpose-built drone detection system, allowing an operator to easily track telemetry data from DJI aircraft in surrounding airspace of up to 40km (25 miles).